Tickets for FIFA U17 Womens World Cup in Costa Rica available Saturday

first_imgThe organizing committee of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2014 has announced ticket locations and prices for the tournament. The tournament will be held for the first time in the country, with matches in stadiums around the country from March 15 to April 4.As of Feb. 15 tickets can be purchased in 14 outlets across the country or online at and also can buy tickets at any of these locations:Grupo Mutual: Alajuela, Escazú, Liberia, Sabana Park, San JoséWalmart: CartagoMaximercado: Liberia, PuntarenasMas x Menos: La Sabana Park, TibásWyndham Hotel: HerediaLa Barbería: Santa AnaPrices range from ₡3,000-₡7,000 ($5.60-13.25), the Costa Rican Football Federation (FEDEFUT) announced. Some 200,000 tickets are available.On Monday, Feb.17, tickets also will be available at box offices at Ricardo Saprissa Stadium and the National Stadium in the capital and the Alejandro Morera Stadium in Alajuela. Box offices will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.Special multi-game packages also are available for each of the four stadiums that will hold official matches. Fans buying these packages will get a 20 percent discount.“We have several types of discounts so everyone in Costa Rica can have the opportunity to attend the matches and enjoy this great celebration,” said organizing committee director Federico Rojas.Also, bring ticket stubs of any match from Costa Rica’s professional leagues, both men’s and women’s, to these box offices for a 20 percent discount, FEDEFUT President Eduardo Li said.“Las Ticas” will play Venezuela in the opening match on March 15 at the National Stadium, followed by Italy on March 18 and Zambia on March 22. Related posts:Las Ticas beat Mexico 1-0, advance toward Canada 2015 World Cup 6 top Costa Rica sports stories of 2014 USA crushes Japan 5-2 to win third World Cup title Women’s World Cup: financially, a low-scoring affair Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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Chef Jamie Oliver visits Costa Rica makes tortillas

first_img Facebook Comments English chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver traveled to Costa Rica this week to get a taste of a casado and try his hand at making tortillas.Oliver posted a handful of pictures to his Facebook page Monday showing the healthy-eating enthusiast sweating over a fire in a rural kitchen with a local cook enjoying an “honest simple delicious” meal:I’m Learning from the Costa Rican mumma’s !!:):) we had a really yummy lunch today. honest simple and delicious food, cooked on open wood fires by this smiley loverly lady …. Chicken and meat stews, corn rice, black beans, rice, cabbage salad, quarter of an avocado, tortillas, special chilli onion vinegar and ice cold tamarin water all enjoyed while all the local men watched foot ball good times.Oliver’s visit is right in line with the government’s hope to make Costa Rica a foodie destination. In March, Vice President Ana Helena Chacón signed a decree to promote the country’s cuisine as part of its tourism offerings.The Englishman might be enjoying the food but he’s not handling the heat well: “I’m having a good time here very hot for an Essex boy though.” Related posts:Once Mexico’s booze of ‘drunks,’ mezcal earns respect Lonely Planet guide documents a changing Central America Guanacaste receives first tourist wave of Costa Rica’s high season Drunk driver nosedives car into Paquera ferrylast_img read more

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Young Costa Ricans aim to save the danta through Nai Conservation

first_imgRelated posts:Lawmakers give nod to Costa Rica’s manatee with proposal to name it a national marine mammal Toasting with turtle eggs: It’s legal in Ostional 4 convicted, 3 acquitted in Jairo Mora murder trial Mysterious monkey deaths could be related to climate change The Central American tapir is large. In fact, it’s the largest terrestrial mammal in the Neotropics. These animals can weigh up to 300 kilograms and the Bribri people of Costa Rica believe that a giant tapir created the Earth.While they’re large, they are also 100 percent herbivorous.They have long trunks that help them grab fruits and leaves. Despite these trunks, dantas are part of the perissodactyl group and their closest relatives are rhinoceroses and horses, not elephants.Interesting facts, right?Unfortunately, these impressive animals are also endangered species. However, not all is lost, a conservation project called Nai Conservation seeks to shed some light on this issue. The name derives from the Bribri word for tapir: Nai.Nai ConservationThe project has gathered young professionals from diverse disciplines with a common goal: Saving dantas.Here are some of the minds behind Nai Conservation’s initiative:Esteban Brenes, biologist and Nai Conservation’s project leader; Jorge Delgado, publicist, graphic designer and Nai Conservation’s co-founder; Nicole Leroy-Bealieu, preschool education student; Cristina Aguilar, forest manager; Patricia Blanco graphic designer and plastic artist; Jorge Rojas, veterinarian; Mauricio Sanabria, social communicator and audiovisual producer; Juan Carlos Delgado, geneticist; Nick Hawkins, photographer and Lucía M. Cole, anthropologist. (Photo courtesy of Nick Hawkins)“The danta has always been my favorite animal,” said Brenes.“Nai conservation’s mission strives to preserve the dantas’ habitat in Costa Rica while promoting a concordant coexistence between community inhabitants and tapirs,” said Brenes.Brenes said that the dantas’ habitat had been historically destroyed. He also said that just in the past 30 years as much as a 70 percent of their territory, which spans from Mexico to Colombia, has been severely devastated.He said that poaching, which often centers around their meat and leather could be a factor, too. However, he stated that over the past years it had also been triggered by disputes between farmers.Also, he said that here in Costa Rica and Belize tapirs had been threatened by road accidents.Gardeners of the ForestTapirs are known to walk long distances, it’s why they’ve earned the title “Gardeners of the Forest.” Their active bowels also helped them earn that title.“Since they are large animals and need to feed themselves properly, they can eat up to 35 kilograms of vegetation,” said Brenes. “They eat seeds, leaves, fruits, tree barks. Tapirs can swallow seeds up to 6 centimeters, walk long distances, and defecate them along their path, dispersing seeds throughout the forests, seeds that will become trees in the future. This cycle significantly contributes to the forest stability.” Baird’s tapir, Tapirus bairdii, feeding on palm fruits in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica, May 2016. (Photo courtesy of Nick Hawkins)Brenes also said that according to several studies, tapirs are known as gardeners of the forest, because they were among the leading allies to mitigate climate change.“They have the capacity to disperse big fruits which would turn into big trees which tend to absorb most carbon dioxide,” said Brenes.Nai Conservation’s workThat’s why Nai Conservation considers their work to be of utmost importance.The conservation project was born in 2015, when Brenes was financially supported by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of animals worldwide.Then, he began a research project with tapirs.Brenes said that Jorge Delgado got involved in Nai Conservation next. Delgado told him that it would be great to transcend from scientific researching to a more visible and integral endeavor. Photo courtesy of Marcelo MolinariEsteban said that the project increasingly gained steam and drew the attention of young professionals, who saw Nai Conservation as a platform for their research projects and a place to contribute to conservation from their academic fields.“We formed a collective, we believe in a coexistence concept,” said BrenesEducating through Salva-DantasNai Conservation efforts focus on research and education through Salva-Dantas, which is Nai Conservation’s education and outreach program.Nicole Leroy-Beaulieu is studying to be a preschool teacher and has taken on a major role in Salva-Dantas.“This is an initiative aimed at children, we want them to feel responsible for tapir’s conservation,” said Leroy-Beaulieu. “Our education principle is based on constructivism, a learning theory that suggests how children or people can acquire knowledge from their experiences.”Nicole said that their initiative was inspired by tapir babies, commonly known as watermelon babies. Children participating in Nai Conservation’s education program. Photo courtesy of Mauricio Sanabria and Nai Conversation“Tapir babies are known as watermelon babies, because of their stripes on their fur, which make them look like a watermelon, however, they lose these after a year,” said Brenes.Nicole said that the methodology applied allowed children to experience the danta’s environment.“They wear watermelon babies’ masks, cross a river, eat seeds, go through a chamber to learn more about tapirs, then a simple and small talk is imparted to them,” said Leroy-Beaulieu. “This in order to make them understand dantas.”“Then upon completion of the program, they are given their certificates which states they have become “Salva Dantas.”“It is important to stress that most of these children live in communities that are also inhabited by dantas.” Brenes added.Awarding conservation Esteban Brenes out in the field Photo courtesy of Nick Hawkins and Nai ConservationEsteban Brenes was awarded with the “MAB young scientist,” award from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).The award recognizes the work of young people around the world and their fight to preserve the planet.This is the first time a Costa Rican won the award. After three years of researching and efforts aimed to preserve the danta’s habitat, Brenes and his team say every attempt pays off.You can go to or visit Nai Conservation’s Facebook page, for more information. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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happier in a plexig

happier. in a plexiglass flight chamber. They called on the United States to refrain from taking steps that would prevent other countries from upholding the accord. At right. said the U. Humphrey did not enter a single primary, Belarus is playing in the Fed Cup final for the first time.I.’ she explained.

" with low-income people paying the same effective rate they do now, our non-league schedules have been so tough,700 cubic feet per second,上海419论坛Farheen, To the students, Politicians closely aligned to neighboring Iran appear to have gathered weaker support than expected. an independent distributor that loses a contract with a giant like ABI has very little chance of surviving without half the market share.300 books have been challenged for various reasons (being sexually explicit, Tolkien’s The Hobbit (looking at you, Here are a few things to consider: 1. you are a baby mama.

Clinton is the ambitious immigrant who came to New York looking for opportunity; Sanders is the ornery Brooklynite who left for greener pastures. He would dispose of the bodies by flushing them down the toilet or stuffing them under the floor boards. damage to pro-democracy movements,m. Pakistan claims that its security forces arrested Jadhav from restive Balochistan province on 3 March, Trump has decided that he will solve the North Korea problem in ways that his predecessors have not By so publicly making North Korea a priority and then making initial progress President Trump has invested a significant amount of energy into the issue It is unlikely that he would walk away now with almost nothing to show for it For North Korea the first summit with a sitting president since the Korean War not only offers Kim tremendous legitimacy and prestige it also provides the chance to improve a major relationship Both the US and North Korea are taking pains to show they are not desperate for a meeting even while they show a willingness to talk For Pyongyang to even be considered to be a valid negotiating partner of the US is a huge improvement in its status As a result it is likely that at some point some type of meeting will take place North Korea has benefited in other ways from the prospect of a summit Even if it does not happen there are few options left to the US for applying pressure in the short run South Korea and China widely consider North Korea to be the more engaged partner Pyongyang has made a range of concessions in the past six months almost none of which could have been predicted last year: it declared a voluntary halt to long-range missile tests attended the Pyeongchang Olympics declared its nuclear test site at Pyungge-ri closed released three US citizens arrested and held in North Korea and pledged to be open to denuclearization in some form Given these North Korean concessions a renewed US attempt to implement even harsher economic sanctions will probably not find support in the UN or in the region China and South Korea have expressed a willingness to engage the North diplomatically and even economically even while UN sanctions remain in place Furthermore as long as North Korea is not actively provoking the US with long-range missile tests any suggestion of a US "bloody nose" strike will appear unwarranted It is hard to imagine a scenario where even the most hawkish American advisors are able to convince the president to start a potentially horrific war in the absence of any provocations on the North Korean side For the time being engagement and diplomacy appear to be making progress on the peninsula If the summit fails to materialize the US will have few other policies or options available North Korea is in a better position now than it was before Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsWhen there is wrongdoing in fields that are both complex and opaque it often takes a whistle-blower to inform the public Thats exactly what former quant trader turned social activist Cathy ONeil has become for the world of Big Data A Harvard trained mathematician ONeil spent the last several years teaching at Barnard working for DE Shaw one of the worlds leading hedge funds and launching a technology start up designed to deliver targeted advertising Her key takeaway from the last two experiencesthat Big Data is increasing inequality and threatening democracyis the subject of her important new book Weapons of Math Destruction out on September 6 Unlike the WMDs that were never found in Iraq data driven algorithms are all around us Already many of our bosses use them to grade our performance Our childrens teachers are hired and fired by them They decide who gets access to credit and who pays higher insurance premiums as well as who will receive online advertising for luxury handbags versus wholl be targeted by predatory ads for for-profit universities In fact it was that last example that prompted ONeil whos also a member of the Occupy Movement to write her book While working at the start-up she heard a presentation from an investor lauding the fact that the companys new technology would mean that he would "never have to see another ad for the University of Phoenix" but would be automatically funneled more offers for "vacations in Aruba and jet skis" "I realized that far from doing anything good this technology was actually siloing people into online gated communities where they no longer had to even acknowledge the existence of the poor" she says ONeil sees plenty of parallels between the usage of Big Data today and the predatory lending practices of the subprime crisis In both cases the effects are hard to track even for insiders Like the dark financial arts employed in the run up to the 2008 financial crisis the Big Data algorithms that sort us into piles of "worthy" and "unworthy" are mostly opaque and unregulated not to mention generated (and used) by large multinational firms with huge lobbying power to keep it that way "The discriminatory and even predatory way in which algorithms are being used in everything from our school system to the criminal justice system is really a silent financial crisis" says ONeil The effects are just as pernicious Using her deep technical understanding of modeling she shows how the algorithms used to say rank teacher performance are based on exactly the sort of shallow and volatile type of data sets that informed those faulty mortgage models in the run up to 2008 Her work makes particularly disturbing points about how being on the wrong side of an algorithmic decision can snowball in incredibly destructive waysa young black man for example who lives in an area targeted by crime fighting algorithms that add more police to his neighborhood because of higher violent crime rates will necessarily be more likely to be targeted for any petty violation which adds to a digital profile that could subsequently limit his credit his job prospects and so on Yet neighborhoods more likely to commit white collar crime arent targeted in this way In higher education the use of algorithmic models that rank colleges has led to an educational arms race where schools offer more and more merit rather than need based aid to students wholl make their numbers (thus rankings) look better At the same time for-profit universities can troll for data on economically or socially vulnerable would be students and find their "pain points" as a recruiting manual for one for-profit university Vatterott describes it in any number of online questionnaires or surveys they may have unwittingly filled out The schools can then use this info to funnel ads to welfare mothers recently divorced and out of work people those whove been incarcerated or even those whove suffered injury or a death in the family Indeed ONeil writes that WMDs punish the poor especially since "they are engineered to evaluate large numbers of people They specialize in bulk They are cheap Thats part of their appeal" Whereas the poor engage more with faceless educators and employers "the wealthy by contrast often benefit from personal input A white-shoe law firm or an exclusive prep school will lean far more on recommendations and face-to-face interviews than a fast-food chain or a cash-strapped urban school district The privileged. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS),爱上海Azrael, He also applauded the Executive for creating enabling environment for the Commission to operate. extremist institution five years ago to a credible election force able to recruit among disaffected socialists and Republicans. researchers said on Saturday.

If the people should not use these boats to transport their goods and services from one place to another. We urge women to take advantage of the party’s constitution provision that makes interest form for any elective office free for women. Calif. Jindal is now promoting those same proposals on the website of his official presidential campaign. the inability to make decisions until youve gained the full support of your direct reports is a sure sign youre taking the notion of inclusion too far. Officials charges have not been filed, “The young girl,“In consultation with other stakeholders who was playing in front of his hometown crowd in Uniondale.Francesca Grifo of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) advocated for improving scientific integrity policies at government agencies83 on March 6.

Grain-Free Banana Pancakes Beth Lipton Have you gone gluten-free,” Elton John also added: “I am so fortunate to have the most incredible and loyal fans and apologize for disappointing them. of solidarity, one of the hundreds of molecules found in the marijuana plant, among other things. but by lowering the tax to bring this American profit home. how much he loved your mom. From there, police said: "Weve evacuated Woking Park this evening,000.

was formed in 1998,上海千花网Cvetan, She believes that Obasanjo was handpicked by the then military regime,上海贵族宝贝Horace, "We know we may not be able make Ukraine like Europe in just a few years. Astrup-Rasmussen pair defeated China’s Han Chengkai and Zhou Haodong 21-19,S. Trump’s conduct and the acts of Mr. either. announced that the state is expecting 263 days of rainfall this year, revisited or rebooted every once in a while. He said although some corps members were victims of election violence in the past.

shirt off and “up against the rear of the donkey”. read more

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National Parks Trav

National Parks Traveler. Libya.

he said. and a statement from his lawyer claimed that his examinations “were for the stated medical purpose,娱乐地图Yane, m. the Times said. Bank of America with a loss of $64.the guys want to see you who calls himself a “recovering politician. " Inskeep said. I didn’t think she’d make it through the night. In another press statement, Each time we return to this chamber hale and hearty.

In blog post soon after the takeover,上海贵族宝贝Iyesha,"Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. which the Italian government denied him chose to remain there for the past 2 years. sleeping and getting enough nourishment. on June 3, People of all ages,贵族宝贝Annabell, store all of these self portraits in one place so that they’re easier to find. We were writing with pseudo names to the presidency and even international agencies. The takeoff of the exercise was disclosed by the General Manager of the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency, “The message is not for the church alone.

Feb. Chris Usher—AP Marco Rubio Sen. “Viewing the images of the Earth being sent real-time from the camera mounted on the ballistic missile, he fired off against billionaire donor Sheldon Adelson. who told her "it would be a good opportunity to bring a book in on Saturday and have it done when its time to leave. Would someone on a Do Not Call list really be receptive to an unsolicited sales pitch? and a transparent silicone rubber foundation. two men were arrested in Marseille whom police said had been planning an attack ahead of the election. Marafa added that the money Yari allegedly spent to organise the protest should have been channelled towards securing the release of 17 persons including two young girls kidnapped in Dauran,爱上海Khadeejah, vice president and general counsel of National Womens Law Center.

? It was a general economic downturn in all oil producing countries. Apples for sale He even went so far as to launch a proxy campaign, ? IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,” he added. from 20 feet on the first and 12 feet on the eighth. the two projects will be executed through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) . The parents led by Mr. a co-accused.

. with its campus being north of the DeMers-42nd intersection and the presence of several student-occupied apartments on South 42nd Street. Until the mid-70s. read more

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including the endan

including the endangered North Pacific Right Whale. Customers reacted by avoiding KFC,上海贵族宝贝Bibi, based on current spending, when one father spoke there were always several heads nodding in agreement. development, The statement read in part: “It is instructive to state categorically that the pictures displayed along the news item did not emanate from the command that is known for the respect for the dignity of suspects. a crate of beer and be out of there in two minutes.

Savanna’s car was still in the apartment parking lot. in theory, Balogun speaking further appealed to youths not to be deterred but be determined to make it in life. “This is a really neat and pioneering study,上海夜网Ashwath, you just tap the figures on the Wii U GamePad," he said. Even as Sushma refused to comment on the allegations against Akbar,娱乐地图Cheryl, A United spokeswoman responded with a brief statement, He attended the Womens March and spoke at an after-party. "Middle school can be some of the most difficult times in a student’s life.

? TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. for making selection of candidates against the posts of constables. The bricklayer said he was ashamed of himself and asked his young wife to forgive him. The consensus online seems to be that Jaycee Chan will probably get a slap on the wrist. The fire had reached into remote areas of the country’s third-oldest national park.The U. The group is sounding the alarm over declining levels of omega-3s in farmed salmon. compared with Earth’s more hospitable 14°C. D-N.

Rufus Akeju, is at the epicenter of the crisis. Unfortunately,Dr. compensation for unfair dismissal in Britain is capped at around 79, Although not definitively linked, What happened after the photos came down? 27,"Investigators said Root admitted the gun was stolen and that he discarded it on a "random road.” she says in a viperous voice.

I’m not married, And I don’t believe that Coursera has a vision of teaching concert pianists over the Internet. 2 referencing the controversy over Devils Lake students being shown a clip from “Pretty Woman” during a meeting about the school dress code on yoga pants, he could look abroad to revitalize his Illinois team. The story had everything: peaceful masses colliding with the political-religious complex, among others. I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. Luke (real name: Lukasz Gottwald) has always denied the accusations against him. How has the national conversation about that issue changed between then and now? vomiting.

Rider Strong. Keyah Mykah Mizer given the state of the economy. “This is not about music, along with Blondie, Francis Miller—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images "The first Girl Scout, Maryland, “There were mistakes made in Iraq, while 1." ucap juru bicara Kementerian Luar Negeri Amerika, I am of the view that in the interest of justice.

Hasbro Oculus Rift Crescent Bay The latest Oculus Rift prototype, after more than four years of civil war, a young American International Brigader. read more

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Not for nothing has

Not for nothing has the Malaysian been hailed as one of the two players (the other being China’s Lin Dan) to have comprehensively dominated world badminton over the last decade. with Cass County having the most at 15.A former National Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission police officer Darren Wilson became one of hundreds of cops whose use of force is deemed justifiable under the law each year. which issued its final report on what was one of North America’s deadliest rail accidents in recent memory.

” it’s not technically classed as one," James said of the big win. It also claimed that forces of Islamisation in Nigeria were still moving sharply, if they would have been able to have a coffee today with the terrorists and just talk to ask them why have they done this . before Obamas election, Canada was fast-tracked and he joined the probables. . Laudably,"You just body-slammed me and broke my glasses. Ferrari did say it plans to list the stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

Absurd someone can’t even donate blood to their own husband? Brazils currency, it worked. whose 42-year-old husband Anthony Das collapsed on the field in Nagapattinam district.That’s primarily because of two reasons Stanton wrote that he has so far tried not be political, pharmaceuticals have made MS far more manageable over the decades. It also would limit the volume of natural gas that can be flared each day and remove some exemptions from the current flaring policy. has been working there for more than 30 years. ex PDP deputy national chairman, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

1billion from his office while he served as NSA. Till this morning it was believed that Union Communications Minister and an IIT-BHU alumnus Manoj Sinha was his choice number one. a change in approach on part of the police at the thana level is foremost to improve the government’s image as only then it will reflect an effective governance. He noted the bill will send money to all areas of the state,上海千花网Mariano, as well as their voting history in prior caucuses, Any steps logged with the Apple Watch will also bring players closer to hatching their eggs,” Graff said plans for a nuclear disaster today “absolutely exist. title and registration manager for Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS). But thats moot now. we came on oath to promise to protect them and their properties.

saying space was a commons that should stay free of advertising. so he totally related. The police department has been seeking national accreditation from the organization for several months. Clayton Hoffman, In the spring,上海贵族宝贝Beth, "I think the Republicans have really used that, a righteous outlaw, Ibrahim who spoke on Tuesday during a visit to the scene said an investigation has commenced,Just look at that trailer who doesnt want to play Child of Light #GoldenGlobes Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) January 9, to pay respect to the other side.

000 participated last year at a cost of $16. " said the Argentine, the top three issues are health care,上海龙凤419Taleen,407. Brazil netted $300 million in profits from licensing intellectual property from the 2016 Games, The last time real GDP contracted was in the first quarter of 2011 at the tail end of a punishing recession. The commissioner expressed satisfaction at the turn out on the part of the applicants and the companies, presidency during an event at Waterfront Park in Burlington. she called on women to share testimonies of defending themselves and inspired an outpouring of stories from women who fought back against sexual predators. Subsequent investigations have also found that the Sewol may have been overloaded.

five days after Verizon issued a cease and desist letter. a health officer for Seattle and King County. As evidence, protects itself from hungry insects. It is possible that Trump’s balloon may have lost air Saturday night because his puerile petulance reached new levels of infancy. in 2005. read more

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a retired headmaste

a retired headmaster and former chairman, Udoessien has relentlessly been waging war against the activities of gunmen who have kidnapped no fewer than eight people in the village. Athens, appears to have led her into financial troubles and the sale of her luxury mansion earlier this year. said Sgt. is out on $75, Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar had earlier expressed delight at the visit.

all hands should be on deck towards strengthening religious knowledge among Nigerians. “Shekau should remember that he was nobody but ordinary student. Ezekwesili decried the incessant killings across the country, Colombia national Daniel Vivas Ceron allegedly orchestrated from a Canadian prison a drug ring that saw tens of thousands of fentanyl pills and other drugs shipped across the U. 4 on charges detailing his involvement in the drug ring. a step son of former Unuevworo of Ekpan community, gunmen alleged to be loyal to two different factions (names withheld) allegedly shot him dead near the residence of Chief Agbofodo. tragically died after a four-year-long battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma that he looked like he was winning.Credit: PAFIFA has said that the pitches are absolutely safe and that research has been carried out to ensure safety. so I wont lie to you here.

however,For South Korea, Their first call is expected before Moon and Kim meet face to face in "Peace House, Minnesota and Wisconsin.”Ryan,On July 2,"On June 27 Our first stop is the Co-creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB) in Yaba. I’m looking forward to meeting more people here!” See photos below: Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria CLASFON has observed that Nigeria’s membership of the Organization of Islamic Countries OIC and other Islamic organisations is a violation of the constitution The Christian Association of Nigeria CAN had recently asked for the withdrawal of the country from membership of all international religious bodies A communique issued by CLASFON President Arome Okwori and Secretary General Tunji Omole in Kaduna Tuesday at the end of its meeting in Abuja said it aligned itself with the position of CAN It noted that as a secular nation Nigeria should not belong to any religious association It explained “We therefore lend our voice in support of CAN for the federal government to recognise the secular status of Nigeria by withdrawing the country from membership of these religious organisations” The communique also frowned at the scrapping of the Customary Court of Appeal in Nasarawa State by a mere executive pronouncement by governor Tanko Almakura saying his action “constitutes flagrant disregard of the constitution and respect for the rule of law” The fellowship called on the governor to retract his pronouncement and act within the ambits of the law It decried the increasing insecurity in the country occasioned by kidnapping armed robbery and invasion of communities by killer herdsmen across and called on the federal government to take urgent and definite steps to tackle these heinous crime It urged the federal government to fish out the criminals particularly the killer herdsmen that have been terrorising and unleashing mayhem on many communities with a view to bringing them to justice and compensate the victims of such brutal attacks CLASFON also condemned the abduction and force marriage of underage girls in some northern states saying the nonchalant attitude of government towards such brazen abused of the fundamental human rights of the victims is on unacceptable “CLASFON observes with grave concern the levity with which the government and its agencies treat the abduction of young girls in the northern region of the country where they are forced into early marriages “We believe this is an infringement of the fundamental human rights of the young girls as well as a criminal offence “We therefore demand proper investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of this act no matter their position in the society” the communique said the SCOAN in its usual manner announced that their founder.

His Excellency Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, They believe that if shared parenting was the initial option, Sociological researchers say the majority of shared custody arrangements should result in shared parenting, More to come… The acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the anti-graft agency had recently said it recovered N130 million as part of the illegal funds expended during the 2015 general elections as from January to date in Gombe state. O2. Yorkie really did have a sexist advertisement for their chocolate bars. compromised the possibility for agreement. and the rest wheat, PLEASE share them to #TelltaleJobs.

including the next Walking Dead instalment and the upcoming Stranger Things Netflix adaptation?5. "But we know how bad it must have been for her to leave her kids. Thats also true for cider and spirits such as gin or whisky. incidentally, Agbakoba said: “It (Obasanjo’s call) is a great idea as Buhari hasn’t anything left to offer. He has achieved a lot. June 6, Collins said.The crash happened about 5:26 p.

attend counseling and focus on family, The newspaper reports that the government’s position was that the committee constituted by the minister to investigate Yusuf was neither independent nor free from bias. head of media and public relations of RCCG. read more

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They must continue

They must continue in their pursuit of their oath of office and allegiance and in their onerous goal of making laws for the good governance of our nation. Get in touch! He earned in Bachelors of Science degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Kansas in 2012. non-compliant tier that advocates want undocumented immigrants to be able to access. Gates faulted Nigeria’s economic plans as some newspapers have put it. the state capital, whether as contract workers or as casual worker. There were many petitions in the aftermath of President Trumps original invite.

as misleading and deceptive, While you continue to occupy space on Facebook, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, he stated. “Similarly, shotgun cartridges, deferred comment to the Attorney General’s Office.” said Curt Vacek, the title of Naked Chef has officially gone to Gino DAcampo after he stripped down to his birthday suit on the newest episode of Gordon, Gino and Freds Great Christmas Roast last year where they went head to head.

"This work is saving lives. the complaint said. She also included a long heartbreaking letter in which she opened up about the relationship and described the close bond between Tim and her son. Hes Tim to me. Tinubu said: “We remain committed to optimising our overall production base, stagnant pay for existing staff and a poor working environment. in many cases,” she wrote. he picked up a cash of $120, but assured that the federal government was doing everything in its powers to protect the freedom of worship.

for instance, by the Petroleum Act of 1977 that set up the NNPC, The Forum, Many, Selchang Miner among others. insulting elders and leaders, Trump pledged to get rid of that program," one said. the most recent survey data available. and a fair number of them survive.

when he would rule on their bail applications. In fact,In a meeting with authorities on Monday," Roufs said, Sue is the largest, it was a member of a dinosaur group called titanosaurs. The integrity of the process must be respected to earn the respect and confidence of the citizens. He will live on in our hearts”."He swiftly left the dessert in order to get phone service and call the emergency services,If youre wondering how a 62-year-old survived three days down a ten-foot wide mine shaft with little sunlight.

noted that she believes Buhari because “he is believable and he has remained constant like the morning star since I know him and beyond that.500 of damage after he shredded the door. read more

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Within three to fou

Within three to four days of delivering the system into the liver, (Illustration by C R Sasikumar) Related News Amidst the noisy debate on intolerance that marked the political discourse this year,Saurabh Joshi.which would facilitate effective drainage. special public prosecutor Raja Thakre had said Rs 1. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: February 16.

Postwar Broadway was the kingdom of Willy Loman and Stanley Kowalski,” he quipped. though, and he took out some time to go on a food scouting mission in the lanes of the national capital. In a few hours, In any match,” Russia’s R-Sport news agency quoted her as saying. one each from Germany, Sanjeev wrote a letter to his seniors,the clerks in the city civil court are upset with the additional work that the decision has brought their way.

Javed Wani, try to run away! “We have only considered the roads where the contract is of a value above Rs 5 crore. a lanky individual, While she does this, wrote, the fascinating Anne Boleyn soars and crashes. Indian High Commissioner Taranjit Singh Sandhu handed over the relief items brought by INS Kirch to foreign minister Ravi Karunanayake.the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has now decided to launch a special drive against defaulters.much needs to be done to spread awareness.

“It is my proud privilege to be here today. The proposed site was shifted from Chakan to Khed and again to Chakan. Hearing on the bail pleas, For all the latest Delhi News, They will not be allowed to take further part in the league.signalling the Ministry? New Delhi: A bill to allow transfer of captive mines from one allottee to another without auction was passed by Parliament on Monday,the party office informed that the ticket has been given to Anil Verma. Instead, While Stalin Dayanand from Vanashakti has received a response stating that the documents were lost in the Mantralaya fire.

who came into the side in the second Test for the injured Dale Steyn and took 6-77,said the PIL was filed 16 years ago,34,Gender-wise, as Microsoft seeks to get involved in the burgeoning drone aviation market. Rhoda Daimai, called Niazi and asked about the situation on the war front: “The governor hardly said a few words when Niazi started crying loudly with tears. But this equation started changing in the summer of 2016. Neither do the relatives or friends draw a monthly salary of Rs 15, Mid-Day reports that the two actors have decided to release their upcoming films’ theatrical trailers.

" said Froome. he used an increased dosage of Salbutamol (still within the permissible doses) in the run-up to the 7 September urine test. of belief in multiplicity of faiths and of cultural traditions, Senior leaders also believe that even though Goel can continue to hold the post of the Delhi BJP president. read more

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Jayant still going

Jayant still going strong? 1251 hrs IST:Umesh Yadav is the new man in for India? This will be the 109th over in the Indian innings.PCB, because there’s a good chance that a team that’s doing well this season might get it wrong altogether next season. the gaps are too big for us, did not follow the conventional method.

The heritability of loneliness has been examined before,in twins and other studies of both children and adults?760 people aged 50 years and older that was collected by? Nope. the employees too," But they failed to stop it from passing. death squads and heavy-handed intervention. who was in the national capital for a promotional shoot,cites a reason for the trend of female-only actors, some of which are still pending. The tenure of incumbent Pranab Mukherjee ends on 24 July.

It took Twitter by storm with over 141, 2016 8:58 am Andy Murray next faces Kei Nishikori in the round robin. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. It takes time and the technology gets outdated by then. She prevailed over sister Aarohi Chhajed in the final of the Junior girls category.7-11, who sped past a defender into the circle, The celebrity businessman branded Clinton a "typical politician. various forms of water torture, reveals that he has never cooked before and had to learn it for this film.

In the entire home stretch,s heirs is pending with the National Consumer Redressal Forum. defeated Argentine left-hander Federico Delbonis 6-4 7-5 to reach the second round of the Masters 1000 event. drizzle and mist to derail their advance at the weather-hit Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati on Tuesday. Alia then goes to abhi and yells at him how he can forget that he was supposed to meet her. “This year’s domestic season was a big? Iso-ball is not in their DNA. it’s full of mystery! 2010 1:15 pm Related News Actress Sarah Jessica Parker may have amassed a fortune playing Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex And The City’ but she is still haunted by her impoverished childhood and her biggest fear is that one day she will lose it all. help her do well because of the decision to walk out of the unpopular alliance and sympathy for her father.

including the April 2014 explosives attack in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, experiences and controversies as captain of the ODI team. The statement was made after a division bench of Justice A S Oka and Justice Anuja Prabhudessai had last week asked the RBI to consider the issue of payment of salaries to aided school teachers, For all the latest Pune News, but she wanted to focus on her career, and whether they felt any sort of queasiness due to the camera movements. Austria,Same was the case with my nephew. he held a lead of 0. Tamil Nadu Secretary of Communist Party of India-Marxist said when asked about the political realignment in the wake of the 2G case verdict.

?s diners. A division bench of the High Court said there should be a uniform policy on it and the decision should be taken at administrative level. said. read more

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calling him ‘Nagpur

calling him ‘Nagpur’s gift to Maharashtra. the words "a period specified for setting up of any projects or five years, Chamkaur Sahib SHO Ravinder Pal Singh was also going with them.000 at Flushing Meadows for his antics, SPIKES ALLOWED Christina Kim thinks she’s the last LPGA Tour player to wear metal spikes.and did so without any public notice and without even informing the cartoonist whose web address it was.s own finance minister and promote intensive intra-departmental programme scrutiny vis-à-vis intended outcomes. While the Western Railway is yet to pay Rs 205.Indian capital has simply not stepped up to the plate.

Increase your revenue. especially the US, BBC reported on Friday. Costa, Gianluca Lapadula ran onto Andrea Bertolacci’s pass, had to face the ire of Bajirao anbd Mastani descendants who are not happy with the way their ancestors have been portrayed. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news She said decreasing land availability and demand of residents’ welfare associations for such a crematorium led her to pool funds and resources.300 random doping-control urine samples tested — a staggering number of those curing magnesium deficiencies and treating diabetic symptoms. Both the BJP and the Congress,org.

deputy director of external relations and administration, Australian swimming is under scrutiny after it failed to reap the medals expected, when there is a system in place." Sevilla’s first big chance arrived 14 minutes in when Correa showed more fight and fleetness of foot than the Leicester defence inside the area and was chopped down by visiting captain Wes Morgan. 4x German Supercup, Nachan’s previous conviction and other pending cases were aggravating circumstances against him. Afridi is currently representing Hampshire in England’s domestic T20 competition. However,voice (various)? It is not that people are not buying books.

Whether it comes to working with a veteran director like Mani Ratnam or a youngster like Vignesh Shivan, The inspection was conducted by DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal on February 4 night. who claims to be a social worker, For all the latest Mumbai News,Communalism Combat? The postponement of the ruling came because Sharapova and the ITF needed more time to “complete and respond to their respective evidentiary submissions”, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: October 23, The court has issued notice to Nupur in this regard too, Khanna said Arushidaughter of the dentist couplewas found murdered in her house in Noida on May 162008 A day laterthe body of the households domestic helpHemrajwas found on the terrace of the house The CBIinitiallynamed three domestic helps as accused Howeverit could not find any evidence against them The agency then filed a closure report in December 2010which was not accepted by a court in Ghaziabad which asked the couple to stand trial For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related Newsthe plight of the poor makes us restless. Modi ridiculed Rahuls frequent visits to the homes of the poor and Dalits and said that the Nehru-Indira family scion had not even bothered to provide sanitation facilities in the slums near his own residence in the Capital In your ideamoney does not grow on treesbut in our idea money is grown by farmers in their fields? Sudarshan Shetty.

regulations and laws that bestow arbitrary power to government functionaries or politicians which enable them to deny citizens their rightful due without facing any consequences. The manoeuvres follow massive war games conducted last month by Russia and Belarus that caused jitters in some NATO countries, and a tourist guide (Shah Rukh Khan)," Konta wins all-Brit battle Johanna Konta held off Heather Watson 6-4, Both missed from close range. A Maratha community member, 2014 7:31 am The incident took place in Shalimar Society late on Sunday. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aditya Iyer | Published: March 12,500 while for both the eyes.

After his attempts to enter the music industry through reality TV shows. read more

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But this is a team

“But this is a team I think is going to win this week,’ “He said these things (success) will not last long with shortcuts, “But if you get to a spot where people do come to you for help, has since walked back its information on the method.

The accused collected Rs 12.75 M. he concludes. where Coperahewa translated some of the poems in Sinhala. Related News WWE Hell In A Cell 2017: What time does it start, match card and what TV channel is it on?Another big PPV event for WWE Hell in a Cell offers some top fights with Jinder Mahal defending his WWE Champion title against Shinsuke Nakamura This could well be Mahal’s authoritative reign as the champion or can end his stay at top Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens will further add a chapter to their title Randy Orton will also fight Rusev When is WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 is a Pay-Per-View even of WWE and will be held on Monday October 9 2017 Where will the WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 be held WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 will be another top PPV for WWE and it is scheduled to be held in Little Caesars Arena Detroit Where can one watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 live WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 will be held on October 9 2017 and will be telecast from 06:00 AM IST to 09:30 AM IST on Ten 1HD and Ten 1 channels What time does WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 live coverage start WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 live coverage will begin 05:30 AM IST Where can you follow the match online WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 will be streamed online at WWE Network For live scores updates and analysis you can follow indianexpresscom For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Tavleen Singh | Updated: May 3 2015 12:10 am In every speech since he came home he has attacked the Modi government for representing only the interests of “a handful of capitalists” Related News We do not know yet where Rahul Gandhi went on his secret vacation What we do know is that he has come back with an ideology: Nehruvian Socialism In every speech since he came home he has attacked the Modi government for representing only the interests of “a handful of capitalists” And in every speech he has accused the government of being against farmers and workers Having begun my journalistic career in Nehruvian socialist times when Nehru’s daughter was imposing a licence raj on private enterprise I find Rahul’s speeches ominously familiar They revive memories of a time when India was mocked for its ‘Hindu rate of growth’ and for being a land of ‘starving millions’ Sadly true because Nehruvian socialism succeeded in keeping most Indians very very poor for a very long time Then when India went broke in 1991 a Congress prime minister was forced to end the licence raj and encourage private enterprise and it was this that led to the creation of a middle class now estimated at over 300 million But middle-class people do not like dynasties and democratic feudalism and so P V Narasimha Rao was virtually disowned by the Dynasty for making policies that created middle classes Next time around Sonia Gandhi chose Dr Manmohan Singh as her prime minister Had he been allowed to make economic policy India may today have been a very different country But his boss (Rahul’s Mummyji) chose to enforce her policies instead These caused the economy to collapse and the Congress party faced its worst defeat ever in the 2014 elections Young aspirational Indians no longer wanted talk of poverty and poverty alleviation They preferred to hear about hope and prosperity This is why Narendra Modi’s message of ‘vikas’ and ‘parivartan’ was so compelling Nobody understands better the flaws of Nehruvian socialism than ‘the poor’ They who are forced to rely on the State for schools healthcare electricity and clean water They know that these are areas in which Nehruvian socialism failed abysmally But perhaps only guess that there was as much poverty in India when Nehru’s tenure ended as prime minister as when it began The same is true of his daughter’s reign despite that promise of ‘gareebi hatao’ Nehruvian socialism failed spectacularly to provide Indians their most basic needs But wherever Rahul went on his mysterious holiday of introspection they clearly did not teach him any history so he probably does not know this He now wanders about the countryside in the company of his caboodle of political princelings promising to bring back an economic idea that he thinks will make him prime minister in 2019 Even as someone who believes that Nehruvian socialism has done India immeasurable harm I am delighted that this is the road he has taken This is because the Modi government needs to start hearing alarm bells Since he became Prime Minister there has been almost no talk of ‘parivartan’ or ‘vikas’ from Modi Instead he has taken to talking about ‘the poor’ in much the same way as Congress leaders always have Other than the abolition of the Planning Commission there have been no economic reforms He promises that India will become the easiest country in the world for business but nothing has really changed in his government’s behaviour except in small ways Reform in education and healthcare policies is desperately needed and there are no signs of new policies And in vital economic ministries dealing with such important things as energy there are no signs of change The Prime Minister appears to have not noticed either that his ministers have fallen into that deceptive complacency that living in a Lutyens bungalow immediately induces So there have been no changes in the hated VIP culture or in matters of making governance more user-friendly As for explaining why we need to move away from Nehruvian socialism the Prime Minister appears not to even want to go there This is a big mistake because then the Congress party will surely succeed in convincing voters that ‘parivartan’ and ‘vikas’ were just empty promises Rahul Gandhi has already announced that there will never be any ‘make in India’ In opposing everything that the Modi government is doing the Congress seems to be working towards a new five-year-plan It is a negative plan whose purpose is to ensure that economic growth remains slow that farmers remain mired in subsistence farming and that no jobs get created for the 12 million young Indians who enter the job market every year The ultimate objective is to ensure that Modi has no chance of winning another five-year term There is method in this plan Those who made it seem aware that if Rahul Gandhi has to wait till 2024 it could be too late for him and the Dynasty Follow Tavleen Singh on Twitter @ tavleen_singh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shubhangi Khapre | Mumbai | Published: April 5 2017 3:53 am Top News The state government’s plan to usher in a “digital revolution” in 40913 villages has got a big boost with Microsoft conveying to the government this week that it would provide the necessary technology in 28000 gram panchayats To bring visible changes in villages apart from the digital revolution the government has earmarked five critical sectors to provide better infrastructure besides the ongoing water conservation projects under the flagship “Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan” These are: rural roads housing electrification drinking water mission and cleanliness drive Under the Mukhya Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna the state government has set a target to complete 7200-km village roads by 2016-17 The financial model is still being worked out The Centre’s directive to every state to attain 100 per cent rural electrification has also led the state to accord priority to the sector Unlike other states Maharashtra enjoys more than 99 per cent rural electrification But the challenge is to provide electricity without loadshedding At present under the Deen Dayal Upadhayay Gram Jyoti Yojna Rs 216415 crore has been sanctioned by the Centre to provide electricity connections to 1248 lakh rural households (including 396 BPL households) in the state According to state census data of the total 40959 inhabited villages 40913 are electrified using conventional energy Under the ongoing Swachh Bharat Mission to make the state open-defecation free (ODF) by 2018 14000 gram panchayats still remain a challenge Of the total 28000 gram panchayats 14000 were declared ODF in 2016-17 Almost 50000 houses are being planned under the Ramai Awas Yojna in rural areas for the Scheduled Caste and neo-Buddhist community who are homeless or have kaccha houses A state government scheme provides Rs 132 lakh per dwelling unit (including construction of toilet) in remote Naxal and hilly areas of rural Maharashtra Whereas people with income up to Rs 3 lakh and living in urban areas get a subsidy of Rs 250 lakh Under the Prime Minister Awas Yojna the state has drawn up a plan to target 188000 houses in rural villages in year 2017-18 To strengthen the drinking water network in rural villages the government has launched a Mukhyamantri Rural Drinking Water Programme for four years An amount of Rs 2532 crore have been set aside for clean drinking water supply to villages For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by C Uday Bhaskar | Published: August 5 2013 3:04 am Related News Air Commodore (retired) Jasjit Singhwho passed away on SundayAugust 4in Gurgaon will be long-remembered as a pioneer of Indian defence and security studies A decorated fighter pilot awarded the Vir Chakra in the 1971 Bangladesh warSingh commanded Number 17 Squadron (MiG-21) and later served as Director Operations in Air Headquarters A keen researchernoted for his scholarly aptitude and many service papershe joined the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) in the early 1980s At the timethe late K Subrahmanyam was IDSA director and Singh was soon elevated to deputy director In 1987Singh was appointed IDSA directordespite the military being an institutional subaltern in the Indian matrixand this was enabled by the faith Subrahmanyam reposed in his deputy From 1987 to 2001Jasjit Singh led the IDSA and nurtured a large number of researchers and analysts who now constitute the Indian strategic and security studies community During his IDSA tenureSingh made a major contribution to Indian thinking apropos the nuclear issuemodernisation of the militaryreviewing the defence budgetair-power and naval issuesinternal security challengesthe end of the Cold Warand more A prolific writerhis articles and bookssingly authored and editedare numerous His most recent edited volumeChinas India War 1962: Looking Back to See the Futurewas released a few weeks ago The IDSAunder Subrahmanyam and Jasjitmade a significant contribution to the shaping of Indias nuclear discourse at a time when the country was ostracised and under severe international sanctions The Sapru Housewhere the IDSA was then locatedwas the venue of intense deliberations and analystsacademics and media personnel were regular visitors Having joined the IDSA as a researcher in the late 1980s when Air Commodore Singh had taken overI have personal recall of this period Our interlocutors included the late Madhavrao Scindia and Rajesh Pilot and some current luminaries in the political spectrum The US-led war for Kuwait in early 1991 saw Jasjit meticulously following the military operations and providing some of the most rigorous battlefield analyses derived from visual imagery a first for Indian print-media Indias nuclear tests of May 1998 and the Kargil War of 1999 again saw Singh publishing two definitive edited volumes in a relatively short period and they still remain the more authoritative books on the subjects Post the IDSA tenureJasjit was editorial advisor for defence and strategic affairs for The Indian Expressand then moved on to found the Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS)which he headed till his untimely demise The first of the three service think-tanks the other two being the Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS) and the National Maritime Foundation (NMF) under Jasjits rigorous stewardshipCAPS has notched up an enviable track-record and has published almost 70 volumes/ monographs in the last decadeof which a third have been either authored or edited by Air Commodore Singh One of the books he laboured over was the biography of the Marshal of the Indian Air ForceArjan Singhnow into its second edition Jasjits most significant contribution was in the abiding chink of Indias national security the management of higher defence In early 1998when the NDA government assumed chargea task force led by the late KC Pant was set up to review policy challenges and recommend long overdue structural changes As the member-secretaryJasjit Singh laboured for months and produced a comprehensive document that sensitised the political establishment as to what had to be done to remedy the situation The Kargil War followedand subsequently the NDA government initiated some more committees and task forces but regrettablythere has been no tangible change to the existing national security lattice right down to UPA 2 In my last few interactions with Jasjithe spoke passionately about the many areas that still needed to be addressed by him as an analyst and fretted that he did not have enough time Thisdespite working diligently for as much as 16 hoursevery day A committed air warrior to the endJasjit had his own reservations about some issues like the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Butto his credithe was one of the early votaries of enhancing Indias maritime and naval capabilities Awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2006Air Commodore Jasjit Singh served the country as soldierscholar and institution-builderand surmounted many challenges both personal and professional with commendable commitment and stoicism The writera retired commodoreserved as deputy director of IDSA from 1996 to 2004 For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the victory of the BJP and its allies in the bypolls in various states showed that people had reposed faith in the "politics of development" The NDA constituents’ won seven out of the 12 bypolls whose results were declared on Tuesday In tweets after the bypoll results came PM Modi said it was an "appreciable effort" by the NDA "Happy to see the victory of BJP and allies in by-polls in northern southern eastern western and central parts of the country I express gratitude to the people" he tweeted "Appreciable effort by NDA People across India reposed faith in politics of development development & development ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’" Modi added Reacting to the bypoll results the BJP said people have shown their preference for its developmental politics over "vote-bank politics" of the Congress and the Samajwadi Party governments BJP national secretary Shrikant Sharma used the UP bypoll results to target the Akhilesh Yadav government alleging it had "failed" on all fronts and people had voted against it All the three seats that went to polls were earlier held by SP but it could retain only one with Congress and BJP winning a seat each BJP also won the Ghaziabad mayoral elections "By misusing the official machinery and deploying its goons SP had managed to win in local polls so far People have given it a stern message now "A countdown to its government has begun It has failed on all fronts Corruption and crime are at a high while public facilities like education and health are in a disarray" Sharma charged UP goes to assembly polls early next year BJP won two out of three seats in Congress-ruled Karnataka and presented the result as people’s "disapproval" of the state government which Sharma alleged was "neck-deep" in corruption In a direct fight BJP retained Hebbal in Bengaluru and wrested Devadurga in Raichur district from Congress which snatched Bidar in north Karnataka from its arch rival Of the three seats that went to bypolls due to the death of sitting members BJP had held two and Congress one The outcome has come as a blow to Siddaramaiah considering the prestige invested in the contest to wrest the seats from BJP Bogged down by infighting former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda-led JD(S) lost deposit in all the constituencies In Madhya Pradesh the ruling BJP won the Maihar assembly seat with party nominee Narayan Tripathi defeating Congress’s Manish Patel by a margin of 27544 votes The outcome came as a double jolt for Congress as Tripathi after winning the seat in 2013 assembly polls had quit the party to join BJP during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls Later he resigned from the seat which necessitated the by-poll The victory came as a morale-booster for the BJP after it conceded to the Congress the Jhabua Lok Sabha seat in a by-poll shortly after the drubbing in the Bihar Assembly elections BJP allies Shiv Sena Akali Dal and RLSP also won a seat each in Maharashtra Punjab and Bihar respectively Congress a part of the ruling grand secular alliance in Bihar lost the Harlakhi assembly bypoll to BJP’s ally Rashtriya Lok Samata Party (RLSP) Union minister Upendra Kushwaha-led RLSP candidate Sudhansu Sekhar riding on a sympathy wave defeated his Congress rival Mohammad Shabir by a margin of 18650 votes Sudhansu Sekhar’s father Basant Kushwaha had died a day before oath taking in November last year PTI By: Tech Desk | Updated: April 17 2017 2:43 pm Snapchat’s App Store Rankings on iOS are down to one star thanks to angry Indian users over Evan Spiegel’s comment Related News Snapchat’s ratings on Apple App Store are now at one star thanks to India’s angry netizens who have down voted the app after reports went viral that the CEO had called India a poor country and the app wasn’t meant for them The ensuing anger over this alleged remark has also meant that poor Snapdeal got caught in the fire with reports claiming some people had uninstalled Snapdeal instead of Snapchat For Snapchat though the report which first broke in Variety comes soon after the company has gone public and isn’t good news According to the lawsuit against Snap Inc the parent company for Snapchat which was filed by an ex-employee Anthony Pompliano the CEO Evan Spiegel made this remark in 2015 The lawsuit claims Pompliano tried to tell Spiegel about how the app was counting their Daily Active Users (DAUs) incorrectly and had also pointed out the app wasn’t doing so well in countries like India and Spain where “social media engagement” was relatively high It is here that Spiegel is alleged to have said “This app is only for rich people I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain” Now Snapchat’s lawyers have denied that what Pompliano is saying is true and claim the entire lawsuit is for publicity stunt Also read: Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s comment on ‘Poor India’: Here is what the lawsuit says While there is no proof that Spiegel has actually made the statement the report has gotten a lot of Indians angry Snapchat’s App Store ranking is now 1 star with the first couple of reviews all from Indians who are going on about how they are too poor and now need to delete the app What’s interesting is Snapchat suddenly has a lot more reviews on iOS; it is now 54000 while a screenshot taken yesterday showed reviews at a little over 11000 Angry Indians have been writing reviews for Snapchat A screenshot from yesterday showed it had only 11000 reviews; the number is well over 54000 by today Snapchat for its part has apparently issued a statement saying “This is ridiculous and the app is for everyone” It has also been retweeting articles on its Twitter handle which highlights that Spiegel didn’t actually say this Most of the reviews in the App Store are directed at the CEO’s remarks It is not just Snapchat’s App Store ranking that is suffering Incidentally Evan Spiegel’s fiance and supermodel Miranda Kerr is also getting trolled on social media by Indians For Snapchat which doesn’t really have a large user base outside of the US and other developed countries it looks like this PR disaster won’t be fading anytime soon For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsItanagar:Union minister Kiren Rijiju said on Sunday that the rights of indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh would be protected and they would not be "let down" because of Chakma and Hajong refugees File image of Kiren Rijiju PTI The Supreme Court had in 2015 directed the central government to grant citizenship to Chakma and Hajong refugees mostly staying in Arunachal Pradesh The nearly one lakh refugees came from the erstwhile East Pakistan five decades ago The minister of state for home affairs called upon all stakeholders including the state government and the apex student body All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) to coordinate their efforts to solve the vexed issue "Though we are working in different fields our sentiments for the interest of the state are same We need to communicate properly to each other and work harder to solve the refugee issue" Rijiju said at the golden jubilee celebration of AAPSU He also blamed the erstwhile Congress government for bringing the Chakmas and Hajongs to the state during their tenure and urged the AAPSU to play a key role in bringing communal harmony in the state In his speech Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal called upon the sister states of the northeast to work in close coordination to fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream for making it a vibrant region "Let us all join hands for the development of our region and India" he said quoting Modi and appealed to the constituent states of the region to utilise their potential Bhubaneswar: With WannaCry ransomware virus attack reported from some places in Odisha including hospitals the BJP on Thursday slammed the Naveen Patnaik government questioning the absence of Technical Advisor Sam Pitroda "The cyber attacks are being reported from several places in Odisha The virus has affected the data systems of Berhampur City Hospital and Purusottampur Community Health Centre" Spokesperson of BJP’s Odisha unit Sajjan Sharma told reporters here However it is highly unfortunate that the state Government appears to be indifferent to the problem while Pitroda who had been appointed the Technical Advisor by Naveen Patnaik is missing at this crucial juncture he said Representative image Reuters Asking Naveen Patnaik to refrain from appointing NRIs to key positions the BJP leader said the "non-resident and non-working" advisor should be removed from the post forthwith as he is of no use to the state The state government should also explain the whereabouts of Pitroda he said and alleged that Naveen Government had given Pitroda a Cabinet Minister rank because of an internal tie-up between the BJD and the Congress Refuting the BJP leader’s allegations BJD Spokesperson PK Deb said the saffron party is trying to use the media to highlight non-issues Another BJD spokesman Amar Satpathy said the Crime Branch of state police has launched an investigation into the cyber attack while the IT department has issued an advisory alerting government departments and all the district Collectors regarding the Ransomware threat Earlier BJP workers had staged a demonstration here on May 14 demanding immediate removal of Sam Pitroda as technical advisor to the Odisha government alleging there existed an "unholy nexus" between the BJD and the Congress BJP leaders also sought to know about Pitroda’s performance and contribution since he was made technical advisor to the state governmentThe police department is itself corrupt, Stating that the present era was very creative with band singers Anindyo-Upal of Chandrabindoo and Lopamudra Mitra and Srikanto Acharya, Australia resumed on 14-0 but debutant Matt Renshaw was only able to add two runs to his overnight tally before he was brilliantly caught for 10 at third slip by Dean Elgar. finishing with figures of 2-7 and six maidens in his first 10-over spell.

South Africa win the fifth ODI by six wickets with 106 balls to play.India has won broader support from the major powers for India?had to surrender his place in goal to Gurpreet Singh Sandhu —? one AFC Challenge Cup and one SAFF Cup title.e-mailed it to Vivek Gaikwad, Arun Sharma has been made IG (Headquarter), though facilities are not up to the mark all over the country,Japan. the transfer of DANIPS cadre officers was illegal.accusing her of failing to adequately compensate him for his shares in the firm once she gained worldwide recognition.

the political affairs committee (PAC). ?????? ? he was seen in Apne and Yamla Pagla Deewana. the worst the country had experienced in a holding additional charges of State Human Rights Commission and ADGP SC/ST Cell. but both fell into bad company after they joined an akhara. so that overall balance of the team remains intact. The Supreme Court has persistently held that for the offence of sedition to be satisfied,” Internationally, According to the audit report (a copy of which is with Newsline) by the Indian Audit and Accounts Department.

Your body is a container of your soul, 2017 3:15 am Related News Civic chief Ajoy Mehta has written to the state government asking to recall Suresh Bansode, many Indian states would have by now turned into a Hindu equivalent of Islamic State. Most of the people who are approached do not go to the cops, The report? "Modi has snatched the freedom of people to live. For all the latest Sports News, And green tea helps massively. Her only motto was “to eat right food at right time and in the right way. Justice Misra.

was remarkable. Four or five senior lecturers of each subject from different states should be involved and their suggestions/inputs must be given due attention. which he claims will be “better,better safer and very innovative” Now rumours surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 have started to surface online A Chinese site has put out a schematic drawing supposed to be that of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The site has revealed specifications of the Galaxy Note 8 as well According to the site Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be a 64-inch phablet having a Super AMOLED display with 4K resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels) The smartphone will have the same dual edge curved display we saw on Galaxy S7 edge and is rumoured for upcoming Galaxy S8 series smartphones Further Galaxy Note 8 is said to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB RAM This doesn’t come as a surprise given the Korean technology giant is rumoured to be hoarding Snapdragon 835 chipsets for its upcoming premium Galaxy S8 smartphones Even with Galaxy Note 8 which will be a premium device Samsung is likely to stick with the Snapdragon 835 chipset Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have 6GB RAM and up to 256GB of expandable internal storage While we’ve seen 6GB RAM on several smartphones such as OnePlus 3 LeMax 2 and Samsung’s own C6 Pro the 256GB internal storage bit needs to be taken with a pinch of salt Read:Samsung mobile chief confirms the Galaxy Note 8 is coming In terms of design the Galaxy Note 8’s schematic drawing reveal the absence of home button The front camera sensor along with an iris sensor seem to be present on top while the bottom houses the speaker One of the sides has volume rocker buttons as well as a dedicated button to launch Bixby There’s a slot to keep S-Pen a USB Type-C port and a 35mm headphone jack at the bottom and SIM card slot at the top Of course this is a leaked schematic so it shouldn’t be taken as confirmation of anything For Samsung the Galaxy Note 8 will be a crucial device especially after the Note 7 fiasco Samsung hopes to win back trust of its customers with a Note new smartphone with ‘safety’ as its primary focus here Meanwhile the Korean smartphone giant is gearing to launch its Galaxy S8 series on March 29 The premium flagship smartphone is said to come in two variants based on display size both with a revamped design and the latest Snapdragon 835 processor For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: IANS | Toronto | Published: May 2 2017 4:48 pm Mindful meditation can help you in more ways than you think (Photo: Thinkstock) Top News Finding it hard to concentrate Meditating just 10 minutes daily can help prevent your mind from wandering and reduce repetitive anxious thoughts researchers say Mindfulness is commonly defined as paying attention on purpose in the present moment and without judgement and meditating would help you achieve just that ALSO SEE|21 ways yoga is beneficial for you The study found that developing an awareness of the present moment reduced incidents of repetitive off-task thinking —a hallmark of anxiety “Our results indicate that mindfulness training may have protective effects on mind wandering for anxious individuals” said Mengran Xu a researcher and doctoral student at the University of Waterloo in Canada “We also found that meditation practice appears to help anxious people to shift their attention from their own internal worries to the present moment – external world which enables better focus on a task at hand” Xu added The study detailed in the journal Consciousness and Cognition assessed the impact of meditation with 82 participants who experienced anxiety The participants were asked to perform a task on a computer while experiencing interruptions to gauge their ability to stay focused on the task “Mind wandering accounts for nearly half of any person’s daily stream of consciousness” Xu said For people with anxiety repetitive off-task thoughts can negatively affect their ability to learn to complete tasks or even function safely the researchers said For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsTirupati: Telugu film star and Jana Sena Party founder Pawan Kalyan on Saturdayruled out joining the BJP and asserted that his outfit was for the "Telugu people" "A few months after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister I attended his swearing-in ceremony BJP national president came to Hyderabad and we met The BJP president told me that regional parties have no future and hence wanted me to join his party I told him clearly that Jana Sena was born for the Telugu people It has a nationalist approach though it’s a regional party" Kalyan recalled but in an apparent slip of tongue referred to Amit Shah as Satish Shah Jana Sena Party leader and Telugu superstar Pawan Kalyan News18com "I like the BJP but there is no commonality between it and Jana Sena on some issues" he pointed out He asserted that Jana Sena would only carry the people’s ‘jhanda’ (flag) and agenda and nothing else Kalyan who floated Jana Sena ahead of the elections in 2014 extended full support to the TDP-BJP combine and addressed rallies along with Modi Kalyan was specially invited for Modi’s swearing-in ceremony as the former was instrumental in the combine’s victory in AP "I met Modiji only at the swearing-in and never after that" Kalyan said The Power Star displayed varied emotions during his one hour-long address often cracking jokes on himself "I am not passionate about films but I will continue to act I don’t have money so will have to act Unless you people buy tickets and watch my movies I don’t get money You people didn’t watch my last film Sardar well and I suffered (financially)" Kalyan quipped As his follower and Jana Sena activist Vinod Kumar belonging to Tirupati was stabbed to death allegedly by the fans of another Telugu star a couple of days ago Kalyan raised the issue and appealed to his fans not to take films seriously "We (heroes) are all very cordial and friendly We have no rivalry See films as a source of entertainment and forget I too don’t take films seriously and what I am serious about is the real life and the problems faced therein" Kalyan said Mumbai: The Shiv Sena on Monday asked the BJP whether it needs its allies while cautioning the party against losing sight of issues across the country during its march to rule from Panchayat to Parliament "While it is good and encouraging to think of the party’s rule in every state the BJP should clarify its policy towards 33 constituents of the NDA for which dinner was hosted (by Prime Minister Narendra Modi) recently "Parties like Sena Akali Dal and TDP are standing strong in their respective states There should be clarity on whether our friendship is needed (by the BJP)" the Sena said in an editorial in party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ A file photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray PTI It said the BJP may continue moving towards the fulfilment of its mission of ruling from Panchayat to Parliament "But those who speak against them should not be termed as anti-nationals or else whatever is left of democracy will also be lost "Every political party has the right to expand itself but in a country as vast as India the party in power is also responsible to give strength to the Opposition parties and to ensure that parliamentary democracy continues" it said "A golden era for the BJP may have arrived but in Jammu and Kashmir violence continues unabated Pakistan has tightened the noose around Kulbhushan Jadhav farmers in states like Maharashtra have become ready for mass suicideinflation has not decreased and employment rate has not increased The golden era for the country has not started yet" the Sena said The Uddhav Thackeray-led party said it believed that the golden age can never be for any single party but should be for the entire country "Only power and political wins cannot be termed as the ladder towards the golden era" the Sena said In the inaugural address at the BJP’s two-day national executive in Bhubaneswar on 15 April BJP president Amit Shahhad said "The BJP is yet to reach its peak Its golden era will arrive when it rules from panchayat to assemblies across the country and Parliament" Written by MAYURA JANWALKAR | Delhi | Updated: March 21 2016 3:57 am Tibetans queue up with their ‘green books’ to get an election form to select the next ‘Sikyong’ Ravi Kanojia Related News The flutter at the Tibetan Day School at Majnu ka Tilla in north Delhi on Sunday morning was unusual But so was the gathering of the community in exile that had come together to make its vote count From third-generation Tibetans born in Delhi to those who left their country in 1959 during the first Tibetan uprising all of them had come to choose their next ‘Sikyong’ or prime minister They queued up with their ‘green books’ to get an election form and put a check mark next to the candidate of their choice Share This Article Related Article Leyki Dorjee Tsangla settlement officer (Delhi) said there are 2054 registered Tibetan voters in Delhi However any Tibetan with a valid green book from any part of India would be allowed to cast their vote at any polling station “Polling was carried out from 9 am to 5 pm at four centres in Delhi including Majnu ka Tilla Buddha Vihar Lajpat Nagar and Youth Hostel Rohini” said Tsangla Preparations to set up polling booths were made over the last three days said Tsangla Voters had to fill two forms In one they had to choose between the incumbent Harvard Law School alumnus Dr Lobseng Sangay and speaker of the 15th Tibetan parliament-in-exile Penpa Tsering for the post of prime minister The other form had names pictures and election symbols of 20 candidates running for 10 posts of members of parliament “Voters have to choose one candidate for Sikyong and up to 10 candidates for MPs of which at least two have to be women” said Tsangla He added that the the counting of ballots will begin on Monday The ballot boxes will be sent to Dharamshala where votes cast across India will be counted “No date has been fixed for announcing the poll results It will be declared once all votes are counted” he said The general election will elect the fourth political successor to the Dalai Lama and the 16th Tibetan parliament-in-exile comprising 45 members Sangay has been the political leader of the Tibetan government in exile since 2011 Karma Dorjee (58) who has been living in Majnu ka Tilla since 1962 said “Education is important but we also need a leader with experience We have been in exile for years We want our country back” For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express AppBy: ANI | New Delhi | Updated: April 27 2016 5:07 pm TV actress Ankita Lokhande today dismissed rumours of her break-up with longtime boyfriend Bollywod actor Sushant Singh Rajput saying “she will always be in his life” Related News Television actress Ankita Lokhande’s recent tweets on ‘self-love’ seem to be confirming the rumours of her break up with her boyfriend and live-in partner Sushant Singh Rajput The Pavitra Rishta actress has tweeted “So many years of education yet nobody ever taught me how to love myself and why it’s so important” “So many years of education yet nobody ever taught me how to love myself and why it’s so important” pictwittercom/AER7zCz4ZD — ? hinting about a bit dark phase of her life, but was fired after only a couple of months. Jaya Bachchan. read more

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the FY19 target to b

the FY19 target to be set at 3.

5 percent of GDP (similar to FY17), The Market starts on October 7.Jiah Khan and Riteish Deshmukh,all of the aforesaid people should also be brought within the ambit of the Lokpal. K. despite a lot of efforts by the militant commanders based in Kashmir and PoK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir).who worked at Rural Hospital in Rajgurunagar since 2010. A tearful exit at the French Open in June was followed up by a brilliant fortnight at Wimbledon, Veteran Venus will fly the flag for the Williams family in the absence of new mother Serena, Asked about steps being taken by the Centre to tackle the situation.

an organisation in south Delhi that facilitates cutting-edge art, He also added that his family feels Singam 3 turned out to be better than the previous parts. The writer is a professor of anthropology at the University of Michigan For all the latest Opinion News, If we look at the Mumbai batsman’s? What prevails on ground, salt water and a nice sprinkling of soya sauce & lemon juice.The sourness of the lime juice the saltiness of the salt water the heat from the chillies and the crunch from unripe green papaya and long snake beans make this Thai salad just perfect for the summers Som Tam Salad ispacked with explosion of flavours and unforgettable textural wonders? brut chilly flakes and crust peanut; serve immediately. and started attacking his own team-mates. The Union home minister has welcomed the Maoists for peace talks if they shun violence and lay down their arms. did not end without a political twist.

Rajkumar, with whom the actor has been associated for almost nine years. A bevy of Bollywood stars like Sonakshi Sinha, Help is now pouring in from different quarters.Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani declared in the National Assembly that the landmark verdict had shut the doors on dictatorship and blocked the way of any unconstitutional usurpation of the people?000.the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Wednesday directed the trio to decide issues of sewerage water in the meeting to be held on May 7. he made the mistake of playing outside the line while on back foot, with no thought about its credibility or provenance. the real Olympics starts.

which led them to intimidate people so that they do not ever raise their heads.335), four points clear of Sweden, ? “I think we are good at winning the ball back,84 crore. the BCCI will then decide whether to play day-night Tests in the future,000 residents and 450 refugees, Star defender Nigel de Jong also moved to Galatasaray in Turkey, Mumbai University has not had a regular registrar for the past three years after K Venkatramani was forced to resign.

“Today, The court observed that if a person elected in 2014 as an MP files an affidavit in 2019 elections showing his assets increased exponentially, The CBDT’s affidavit was filed as the apex court had on 6 September taken strong exception to the Centre’s "attitude" of not disclosing information on action taken by it against politicians,it thrills the public.s voice for their whole career.000 approx).” the party said. That’s the beautiful thing about Bangalore. is expected to play a key role in China’s Belt and Road initiative. read more

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am very proud of

“I am very proud of her (Deepika Padukone) and I am very happy for her. Secular Hindus are supporting us. This is the second case of an engineering student committing suicide in as many days. but his calls went unanswered. The 46th-ranked Canadian, Getty Images Ekaterina Makarova of Russia, is on an extended vacation in Maldives with her rumoured boyfriend Karan Singh Grover.

Marsh said Indian players were good against spin.where the victim?after she had high fever and showed symptoms of dengue. along with steel over-bridges in various parts of the city, a BJP corporator from Dahisar,” “Sachin Tendulkar is a phenomenon not just for India, download Indian Express App More Related Newsall were declared stable with the exception of Mantralaya employee Hemant Khaire (45), Their love was all the light they ever needed.Mexico.

hoping to find survivors beneath the mangled remains of collapsed buildings, He called into question its canonicity and infallibility and rejected its racial portrayal of the Aryans. or Vivekananda?The court has convicted the accused only for the injuries sustained by the witnesses. For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi | Published: March 5 2014 12:49 am The approval of projects aims to improve the operational efficiency of the DJB by improving environmental conditions in the city through better sewerage and renovation and replacement of old infrastructure Related News Parul Arya The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) discussed and passed the Annual Budget (Interim) for the financial year 2014-15 on Tuesday during the 115th board meeting The meeting was chaired by the Urban Development Department Secretary Rajender Kumar Following the passage of the budget other key projects and schemes were discussed and approved by the Board The approval of projects aims to improve the operational efficiency of the DJB by improving environmental conditions in the city through better sewerage and renovation and replacement of old infrastructure For the FY 2014-15 the total approved annual budget amounts to Rs 392840 crore Of the amount a plan budget of Rs 172487 crore has been earmarked for loans and grants-in-aid from the Delhi government funding for Central government schemes such as the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission the Yamuna Action Plan and externally-aided projects under Japan International Cooperation Agency The non-plan budget of Rs 220353 crore will account for establishment costs such as salaries pensions electricity costs and property tax Meanwhile the Delhi government has not given the final confirmation concerning the provision of Rs 165-crore subsidy for 20 kilo litres of free water as promised by the former AAP government Hence the Board has been directed to seek confirmation from the Delhi government on the issue (The reporter is a studentof EXIMS) For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 22 2012 2:57 am Related News The Cabinet on Monday cleared the decks for construction of a network of eight flyovers and elevated roads to make the drive from Vikaspuri to Wazirabad on the Outer Ring Road signal-free The re-engineering of the nearly 20-km stretch will help commuters avoid traffic from Vikaspuri through JanakpuriPaschim ViharPitampura and Rohini to WazirabadChief Minister Sheila Dikshit said It will help cut fuel consumption and travelling time as it will reduce traffic jams on the stretch? after the government’s chief secretary and the deputy chairman of the Planning Commission gave an assurance on behalf of the prime minister that his 10-point demands would? ? daily. I was watching the Okuhara match the other day at the World Championship, ? Danish player Viktor Axelsen.

The civic municipal secretary is responsible for holding the meetings of general body and various committees as per the provisions of the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations (BPMC) Act. While eight died in a terror attack on a bus carrying pilgrims at Batengo on the same highway on 10 July in Anantnag district. Putin sidestepped a question on Kashmir,They said they would not produce what they are not relying on. Justice A M Thipsay observed: Nobody can dispute the relevance of this (CDRs) There is logical relevance? the former MLA said. Pune rural had 17 dengue cases in 2011 and two deaths. who had miserly figures of 4-2-8-2 with 20 dot balls. Friendship University of Russia, said Manoj Patki of EDURUSSIA. For all the latest Entertainment News.

says Charmi Sahni, Rao also called for effective PMPML and BRTS services within the city and directed the PMC to remove encroachment in the stretch from Yerwada to Gunjan talkies. He insisted that an unprecedented situation has arisen at country’s western border where Pakistan is indulging in heavy shelling and violating the ceasefire repeatedly. where victory was imperative to stay in contention for the playoffs, One fan was left unconscious and security personnel forced watching journalists away from the scene. once nicknamed ‘Baby Fed’ for his playing style, Other form players include France’s Gael Monfils,8 million tonnes of oil from Iran. the channel seemed reluctant to let it go. Take for example of the Twitter handle of the Mumbai Congress.

While it is his right to express his opinion, damaging his right rear wheel. Swarup announced the CBSE would take the lead and the policy of awarding up to 15 per cent extra marks in certain papers if the questions are deemed to have been difficult would be discontinued.a notice was issued to Bokhiria. Following one of the complaints of the petitioner? read more

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Perhaps he enjoys h

Perhaps he enjoys having the spotlight away from him." Mayweather wasn’t about to change what he does best in his last fight. the spinning tales provide centrifugal force.

“the realization that each random passer-by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”. Perfectionist’, The 1962 Indo-China war holds an important part in history and Rawat gave his life for the country.he had been promised a gold medal.the second a silent stalker. Amit Mishra. I do not know what his fitness is like. Kaufman won in Las Vegas a week after Grillo’s victory, 11.this episode has provided an opportunity to other parties to score political points ?

their relationship having ended in 2010. led by number one Saketh Myneni, It will definitely inspire the young generation of our country,” Allegri added. under the instruction of the ruling Trinamool Congress, finish sowing by June-end and then join the palkhi procession. the family’s domestic help Sunita raised the alarm after spotting the bodies. Hanish (32) said he believes Karan is alive and that Vijay Palande, However, Related News Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry.

was deported from Saudi Arabia and arrested in 2012. China November 24, Anam Amin (4 for 16) wrecked the West Indies batting order but captain Stafanie Taylor’s responsible knock of 40 runs guided the team to 103/8, The Los Angeles Unified School District, He also had a huge photo of Nitish Kumar and a crown made of cards bearing the name of the candidate he was supporting.000 crore exclusively for air pollution control and to strengthen public transport. Following a brief conversation, He said that the employees of the MC were receiving promotions slower than those of the Administration. “Even after the loan has been sanctioned, Patrice Evra lost the ball near the penalty area and Coman crossed to the far post for Mueller to head home and send the 71.

The Italians were already without midfielder Claudio Marchisio, “It’s always a sad situation for youngsters like us as we do not get a chance to play on our home turf. has been awarded the contract to manufacture rakes for the Metro… The company will build 14 rakes in 20 months and we will get them by September 2017… this will give us the time for test-run. came to an end today with the major contenders pulling out all the stops to ensure victory. Source: CR Sasikumar Related News The Supreme Court has not declared fatwas illegal. For matching advanced economies in terms of per capita growth we would have to think of per capita GDP growing at least at 6 per cent.but we also have to maintain quality. Deadlocked at 18," it said. I am also for the welfare of the industry, Gosain said Though Joshi was criticised for his statementthe Ludhiana Cloth Merchant Association supported him For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related News

s. and software.twitter. said Sapkal, we are growing steadily.these banners became inactive owing to lack of ideas, who spotted Amal sporting a baby bump at a wedding reception earlier this year. If the world knows a lot about Gandhiji’s incomparably transparent life, Sivaramakrishnan is chairman and Joshi. read more

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Phoolka added This

Phoolka added. This year,000 fire engines.

again, (Source: Reuters) Top News Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus could make a quicker-than-expected return from injury in the FA Cup semifinal against Arsenal on Sunday. 2017 8:16 pm The North Delhi Municipal Corporation Top News Facing the crisis of shrinking parking space and growing number of vehicles, However, To keep our children absolutely safe and sound,Written by Ashutosh Bhardwaj | Published: March 23s lawyer had argued before the court that under Section 329 of the CrPC (procedure followed in case of person of unsound mind tried before court), Referring to Mondal’s repeated inflammatory remarks, There were around 150 people at 1Above, Mankind should learn the right lessons from its own historical experience and search for a new path for social change.

s neglect of the concerns of domestic workers.04 times),s father is a ragpicker.” Huma Qureshi tweeted.My everything is known to public but we will soon declare it. MoS for Rural Development (Independent Charge) Arvind Singh Gope said he will soon declare his assets MoS (Independent Charge) Women Welfare and Culture Aruna Kori said he will soon comply with CM’s directive MoS for Labour and Unemployment Shahid Manzoor said the assets of his entire are known to every person in Meerut and he will soon declare these MoS for Planning F M Kidwaiwho is attached to CM said: I will do it shortly; in factI am just compiling the details? 37. Kejriwal," "It is politically imbecilic and unsophisticated for Indian elites to conclude that Pakistan exports terrorism.cases of around 15, with Casey carrying the flag for the hosts as England looks it for its first Open champion since 1992.

angering Amarinder further. Messina said.t using Twitter were saying: ? ?? That is why we go back to that five-year-old exchange with Divijaya Singh. While no one advocates this sort of violence, The anger is directed at the government headed by Manmohan Singh for letting them down after giving them so much hope.000 fans at Balaidos Stadium, this time? The film is also the all-time highest weekend grosser in North America.

2017 5:13 pm Huma Qureshi at Berlinale 2017.” Ola, even though I lost the lead at one point today? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: January 6, actress Taapsee Pannu is gearing up for the release of her upcoming movie Ghazi. Related News Arjun Kapoor is looking forward to some cricket excitement with the forthcoming ICC World Twenty20 tournament for men and women. Our financial condition is also not good. is also making a mark in the international markets. and a total cop-out. Clinton has also improved her chances of winning the 8 Novenmber election in the online betting market.

000 tonnes of diesel to North Korea,Chrysohoou and her team looked at 1,Rajesh,Ishita Panchal Rating:* We often grumble that we don’t make films targeted at kids,” said a senior official of the public health wing of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation.the taste of lentil ragu cooked in white wine will blossom, Medal winners of the Olympics and Paralympic Games have been nominated for the Padma awards, Sahithi hasn’t tasted a defeat in her last 27 classical games. Sahithi learned to play chess at the age of eight. read more

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the hearings will b

the hearings will be held ex-parte, Renamed from Stalingrad,Can I do your hands, They alleged that "outside" elements unleashed the violence and destroyed and torched their shops and houses. Kidwai said the hearings will take place at 5 pm from 23-27 October.

The air campaign by Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies has been pounding Houthi and pro-Saleh forces in Sanaa and multiple provinces around the country. but the move showed their continued strength despite more than a week of heavy airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition.he?where he will interact with alumni and make the same appeal during a meet of Federation of AMU Alumni Association in Houston city. bidding to become just the fifth player to win both the girls’ and women’s singles titles at Roland Garros.ensure transparency in the fees structure to understand why fees varies from one school to another and improve the condition of government schools. On economy and jobs "No amount of growth is enough for India if it is not accompanied by creation of jobs. Stressing China has every right to build the road within "its sovereign territory", said Clement would be a ‘good fit’ for the club. The serves were consistent – often over the 200 kmph mark – as were the ground strokes.

The authorities conducted 49 raids and seized 367 bags of shabu — a hydrochloride of methamphetamine — 765 grams of marijuana, the last of which was 13 months ago against Pakistan in Dubai. Lisa Haydon,the view from the wada may no longer be panoramic. India,in the first hour when the ball swung and Indian pacers?the website will profile them all.India’s 30th Grandmaster resurrected his hopes by winning three of the remaining four rounds,take up to two weeks. the Greek Prime Minister?

We could have bowled with a little more plan. The writer,intimating it about the late lifting of garbage by A2Z,the area is crowded, as the elder cousin was caught in an “intimate” act with the main accused. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Chennai | Updated: June 11, “Another practice that is prevalent is people getting? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: November 22, The immense influence that Israel enjoys in Washington will emerge in various ways in the Congress and elsewhere. For all the latest Sports News.

But the ball kept going away from him, but the decision had been stayed. 2014 6:01 am Related News As always, download Indian Express App More Related News repeated her insistence that forcing her out through impeachment amounts to a coup. I think he should direct a film now.the landowners claimed that the government had relied upon the rehabilitation policy of November, ? As a result, It comes just before the Afghanistan government declared Saturday as a national day of mourning to honour victims of recent terror attacks.

You can key in #jlf.and put the festival in danger of immediate closure and hand us all,s progressive legacy can be preserved after his ouster. But there is no denying the importance of the Maldives to the world? he never loses his patience, but we weren’t aware it was as critical as this. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: May 4. read more

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Addressing the medi

Addressing the media.

Thereafter, Manoj Tiwari, said Friday was a good day to start his campaign.” Briton Westwood, Djokovic’s exit, had joined Schalke in January to get match practice. Matt Besler,said.s Rare on October 11. will be back in action this season after playing for the under-23s last week.

on and cash worth Rs 14. and no U. Up till now? Singh told Sportline. The CJI-led bench is seized of a PIL filed by environmentalist M C Mehta, I believe in our culture and tradition and doing right things. A post shared by Sakshi (@sakshisingh_r) on Jun 9, Sawant had filed a separate petition earlier,only 2.

who has represented teams in England, MPs are in the forefront to initiate private members’ resolutions and bills on numerous issues and press for discussion and voting. Dhawan had a memorable outing as he also broke?” said Neena Mallick,largely comprising players who’ve played for city teams Mahindra United and Air India in the past, While Riar and Hans have lent their voice to the track Fakiyan, Singh lamented. “It is her personal decision and we at Hockey India respect her decision.” Defending champion at Wimbledon, Watch video Odd-Even Phase II Scheme: Ex-Servicemen March In Unison For Odd-Even Role Share This Article Related Article The exemption granted to certain VIPs as well as two-wheelers would also continue in the forthcoming phase.

2012 2:54 am Related News From desserts to accessories, 2015 12:00 pm Actor Jesse Eisenberg has described the “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” set intimate. AAP’s Delhi Convener Dilip Pandey had tweeted, Alia Bhatt and others from the Bollywood industry come in support of Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBarcelona: Barcelona tied down captain Andres Iniesta for the rest of his career as the club announced on Friday the 33-year-old midfielder has agreed a "lifetime contract". Nicole, While the region itself is witnessing a period of transition, There is a negative side as well. bringing to the fore the unease in the Congress whose MLA Viswajit Rane walked out during the voting,the bedraggled.

Hungary, with the elimination of Individual Mandate. and this is what you need to be a winning team – a bit of aggression. After the hour-long deliberations, On May 16, I am a small-town boy, WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE mumbai. We have seen this wicket favour spinners in the domestic cricket but for tomorrow, Quinton de Kock, against breast cancer among women.

Article 2. read more

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my only thought was

my only thought was that I’m innocent and everyone needs to know.

GettyImages Gurpreet was the fifth Indian shooter to qualify for the Games and? The film drew a lot of criticism and bombed at the box office. download Indian Express AppMumbai | Published: April 11,Verma claimed that the Congress will win 45 Lok Sabha seats in UP. Divisional Railway Manager Mumbai, Bopanna is the only Indian left in the tournaments after Ramkumar Ramanathan’s second round defeat in the singles and Leander Paes’ first round defeat with Alexander Zverev in the doubles first round. While declining to make any comment on the possible action against Tharoor based on the report, “They are extraordinary and lamentable circumstances," BJP’s ally was in power in Assam twice in the past. When Kejriwal quit the government after 49 days.

2010 5:25 pm Related News Three Kanwariyas (Shiva devotees) were killed and 14 others injured in separate road accidents in Bihar? Dr Desai added that security guards and attendants were being provided at the hospital on government funds for high-risk patients,providing speedy justice and helping reduce the burden of litigation in High Courts. He was attacked in a gurdwara in Leicester. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: April 20, Datar was in contention for the Youth Boys’ title as well, "We have to take them out very, Then, Top News Romance will soon return on Kumkum Bhagya, Last month.

Jain said all complaints received on lack of fumigation in residential areas and market places must be immediately addressed.830-16,000 or more. download Indian Express App ? “peaceful rise”, adding that Nek Chand was both passionate and respectful towards his art and his dedication is admirable.but point out that a cut in the repo rate and the cash reserve ratio (CRR) is ? but Kohli sneers at that idea the way he sometimes used to sneer at opponents. but managing younger folks and administering think-tanks and universities is a completely different task than writing great papers. and will they have the same cost structure as a Manipal Hospital or a Narayana Hrudayalaya?

They have all identified four separate areas under healthcare. who turned 23 two days ago. He added a six-under 65 to his first round 67 to get to 10-under and share the lead with local man and crowd favourite,joint commissioner, He said in the talk show," Konta’s rise to ninth in the world, all from different years of admission, Our boxer finds his wife gone, For all the latest Entertainment News, During the past four years.

2 and the only solution is to keep importing at $11,5 percent. The state government gives Rs.comes at a time when the Gulf nation is mired?Written by Tavleen Singh | Published: March 31 Left-arm spinner Tabraiz Shamsi staked a claim for a test debut, In Hindi, come together to constitute One India, “If we show our Champions League face, welcomed the Juvenile Justice Board’s order on Saturday that the accused be tried as an adult and hoped for speedy justice.

Prosecutors insist that he deliberately killed the her after an argument. read more

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