Chinas transformation leaves rural elderly poor depressed and lonely

first_imgMao Zedong’s attempts to redraw China’s society and remove all trace of its ancient traditions weakened family ties as hundreds of millions of villagers were forced to work on collective farms from 1958 onward. Loyalty to Mao was supposed to trump family bonds, and the Cultural Revolution saw close relatives denounce and humiliate each other.Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms that followed in the 1980s failed to fully repair the damage, with communal land parceled out and separate plots leased to individual farmers. While in neighboring India, land is typically owned by the male head of the household, giving the patriarch influence over his extended family, in China, the elderly often have distinct plots of land from their children.China’s massive rural-to-urban migration has put additional, extreme pressure on the nation’s social fabric. Whereas about 70 percent of the rural elderly lived with their adult children in 1990, that figure had fallen to 40 percent by 2006, according to a 2012 World Bank report.The neighboring villages of Luzhai and Gonggou, in China’s Anhui province, bear testament to these profound social changes. One in five people in the towns are older than 60.New houses, often clad in shiny ceramic tiles, have sprung up everywhere. Built by villagers who have left for migrant work in the cities, many homes lie vacant. In between them nestle tiny, tumbledown red brick houses. “If you see a house in very bad condition, it must have old people living in it,” said local doctor Cai Rucai.In Gonggou, 87-year-old Dou Shengli lives with his 85-year-old wife, He Xiuying, in a typically disorderly one-room house. Although they have two sons living nearby, and three daughters, the couple gets little help with their living expenses and medical costs.“They have their own families to look after — if they have money, they spend it on themselves and nobody takes care of us,” said He, a folded washcloth over her grizzled hair in the late summer heat. “My first son wants to build a new house, and even came to ask us for money.” Hou Guiying, 71, and her husband, Ma Jinling, 81, walk out of their home last month in the village of Luzhai in eastern China. Their five daughters have all moved away from the village and are working with their husbands in China’s booming cities. The elderly couple don’t own a phone or know where their children are living; their daughters rarely visit and even more rarely help out financially. Photo for The Washington Post by Qilai Shen LUZHAI, China — The elderly couple sat on their metal frame bed surrounded by the detritus of their lives: hopelessly worn-out shoes, empty tin cans, dried-out corncobs, plastic bags, filthy clothes, all strewn across the uneven dirt floor. On a small table, two dirty cups sat beside an ancient television and an overturned electric fan.Their five daughters have all moved away from the village of Luzhai in eastern China and are working with their husbands in China’s booming cities. Ma Jinling, 81, and his wife, Hou Guiying, don’t own a phone or know where their children are living; their daughters rarely visit and even more rarely help financially. The frail Ma survives, as he always has, by tending his small plot of land.“If he doesn’t farm, we won’t have enough food to eat,” Hou, 71, said, her hair in pigtails and her hands shaking as she spoke. “When we run out of money for our medical bills, we just stop treating ourselves.“We can live like this, it’s OK. But please, don’t let us become really ill.”Decades of societal turmoil — radical communism followed by rampant capitalism — have frayed the ties that once bound China’s families together extremely closely. In a country famous for its Confucian traditions of filial obedience, tens of millions of elderly Chinese are being left behind by the country’s transformation, suffering poverty, illness and depression. It has become such a serious problem that the Chinese government put into effect a law in July allowing parents to sue their children if they failed to visit and support them.“Many rural children don’t treat their parents that well,” said Zhao Yaohui, of Peking University, co-author of a recent study of the problems facing China’s oldest people. For centuries, patriarchs controlled their families’ limited resources in the countryside. But now, Zhao said, “the rural elderly don’t have that much power or property they can use to buy their children’s respect and support.”Among China’s 185 million people older than 65, nearly one in four is living below the poverty line, more than one in three struggles with daily activities and 40 percent show significant symptoms of depression, the survey showed.The results were worse in China’s villages than in the cities, where pensions are much higher. In rural areas, the elderly are nearly three times as likely to be poor as the average resident. The couple survive on the government’s modest rural pension of 60 yuan (less than $10) a month. “I don’t have money to buy vegetables,” she said, “so we just grow what we can.”The rapid aging of China’s society is one of the nation’s most profound economic challenges. By 2053, the number of senior citizens is expected to grow to 487 million people, or 35 percent of the population, compared with just over 12 percent now, according to the China National Committee on Aging. There will be more retired Chinese people than the entire U.S. population by that date.But even before then, the country faces the prospect of growing old before it grows rich. Chinese citizens who have grown up under the one-child policy could end up caring for two parents and four grandparents each as they enter late middle age, a potentially crippling economic burden.The government has gradually rolled out a pension plan for rural senior citizens since 2009; a new national cooperative medical insurance system has also helped defray health-care costs for old people. But the benefits are spread thinly over a vast population, and the government will struggle to fund a dramatic improvement in social welfare spending if the Chinese economy continues to slow.Mindful of that growing burden, Premier Li Keqiang vowed last month to cut red tape to encourage foreign investment in Western-style nursing care. But this is unlikely to do much to plug the gap.In 2012, in another attempt to repair the damage of its own social engineering, the Chinese government updated a 700-year-old collection of well-known folk stories showing examples of how children — mostly sons — showed their devotion to their parents. Instead of romantic tales like “He Strangled a Tiger to Save His Father” or the more mundane “He Picked Mulberries to Serve His Mother,” the new government directives suggested children take their parents on vacation, call them on the weekend or teach them how to use the Internet. But it is far from clear that anyone took notice.Indeed, the government’s own rules are still regressive; strict residence registration requirements force migrant workers to leave their parents behind in the villages, because the elderly can access state medical benefits only if they stay at home.In the end, most of the burden of caring for China’s old folk will inevitably fall on their children. Many Chinese children still care for their parents much better than many of their counterparts in the West and not because the government tells them to. But it is equally clear that the old assumptions about loyal Chinese sons are no longer as uniformly valid as they once might have been.In Gonggou, Cai Wushi, 94, lives alone; her children come when she needs firewood, but otherwise she sits at home, alone, all day. “My eyes don’t work well, but I can still hear,” she said, a lone tooth protruding from her mouth. “But I am not useful any more.”Washington Post correspondent Liu Liu contributed to this report.© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Commentscenter_img An elderly man last month bikes passed newly built houses, mostly shuttered and empty as their younger owners work in the cities, at a rural village near Fuyang, Anhui Province, China. As able-bodied adults seek work in cities in hopes of better income, more and more villages in China are inhabited mostly by the elderly and children. Photo for The Washington Post by Qilai Shen No related posts.last_img read more

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Ethiopian GCEO receives Most Influential People of African Descent award

first_imgEthiopian Airlines Group CEO Tewolde GebreMariam has been recognised as one of the most influential people of African descent in the category of business and entrepreneurship at the recently held ceremony in Addis Ababa.The Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) is a global civil society initiative in support of the United Nation’s International Decade for People of African Descent, recognising high achievers in four categories namely Politics and Governance, Business and Entrepreneurship, Media & Culture and Religious & Humanitarian.Regarding the recognition, Tewolde GebreMariam remarked, “It is an absolute honour to have received this prestigious recognition, an accolade that highlights the contribution of high achievers to Africa. First and foremost, my recognition is a tribute to the hardworking Ethiopian employees, ardent management members, the board and the government of Ethiopia at large. The award attests the incredibly important role Ethiopian airlines plays in the integration of Africa through a robust business. I have always taken a great deal of pride that Ethiopian is catalysing the much-needed trade and investment, tourism and people-to-people relations in the continent and beyond.”“We, African business leaders, who wield an influence in Africa’s business and economic circles should promote business and entrepreneurship in collaboration with all concerned stakeholders to help ensure sustainability and development, capitalising on one if the greatest assets of Africa, which is its young, fast-growing, and increasingly urbanised population,” Tewolde urged.When cut-throat competition is bound to be the order of the day in the aviation industry, under his leadership, Tewolde has demonstrated an outstanding strategic thinking and direction in spearheading the strikingly exceptional growth trajectory of Ethiopian and put the airline on global aviation industry “game changers” map, under a 15-year growth roadmap, Vision 2025, a growth plan what the rest of the world referred to as “over ambitious and unattainable growth plan.”last_img read more

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Los Angeles California – Reported by Elite Travel

first_imgLos Angeles, California – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineLongtime Elite Traveler contributing editor and celebrity writer Kelly Carter has launched The Jet Set Pets, a website featuring a wealth of essential advice and hot tips for jetsetters and their furry companions. The first and only one-stop resource for luxury pet travel expertise runs the gamut from popular countries’ pet entry regulations to the best hotels (videos included!) for pet-pampering “parents” on the go.Kelly has traveled with her longhair chihuahua Lucy for ten years, and worked as a travel and lifestyle writer for 15, making her the world’s foremost authority on travel with a pet in tow. She has written on the topic for USA Today and the Los Angeles Times, among others, and explains, “Because people travel more frequently than they did 20 years ago and pets are viewed as family members more than ever, it’s just natural that pet parents would want to take their kids with them.”While numerous sites list pet-friendly accommodations, The Jet Set Pets goes above and beyond, offering the latest news in hotels and transportation, pet events, essential pet products, and pet spas and groomers. Whether you’re heading to Doha, Cape Town, Venice or New York, you’ll never be left wondering where your pet(s) will get the warmest welcome, where they’ll be treated to ever-better pet perks.Since their meeting in 2001, Kelly and Lucy have traveled extensively together, staying at many lavish hotels and experiencing the best amenities offered to four-legged guests, including side-by-side massages for pets and their guardians, butler-served room service for pets and canine concierges to walk dogs. “Early on, it was extremely rare to see anyone else on an airplane or at a hotel with their pet. Now it’s customary to see someone with their pet going through airport security or someone walking their dog through the lobby of a fancy hotel,” says Kelly. She reminds readers than there’s no need to sacrifice luxury when traveling with a pet.In addition to offering essential pet travel information, The Jet Set Pets hosts a social networking community for pets (think Facebook), forums for owners to communicate and a directory that donates ten percent of advertising revenue to pet-related charitable causes.www.thejetsetpets.comlast_img read more

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FILE In this Jan 28 2018 file photo Dave Chap

first_img FILE – In this Jan. 28, 2018 file photo, Dave Chappelle appears in the press room after winning a Grammy for best comedy album award for “The Age of Spin” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas” in New York. A man who threw a banana peel at Dave Chappelle during a 2015 performance in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is suing the comedian and a man presumed to be his bodyguard. Christian Englander’s lawsuit filed Friday contends the presumed bodyguard struck Englander twice as he was being restrained. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File) SANTA FE, N.M. – A man who threw a banana peel at Dave Chappelle during a 2015 performance in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is suing the comedian and a man presumed to be his bodyguard.Christian Englander’s lawsuit filed Friday contends the presumed bodyguard struck Englander twice as he was being restrained.Englander, who is white, has said he had no racial motivation when he threw the banana peel at Chappelle, who is black, but was angered by something Chappelle said during the show.Englander faced charges of battery and disturbing the peace, but they were dropped because Chappelle was unwilling to participate in the prosecution.Englander’s claim he was assaulted wasn’t mentioned in the police report, but his lawyer said it would have been raised if Englander went on trial.Chappelle’s publicist Carla Sims did not immediately reply to a request for comment.___This story has been corrected to show that Dave Chappelle’s last name was misspelled on first reference. Man who threw banana peel at Dave Chappelle sues comediancenter_img by The Associated Press Posted Apr 3, 2018 11:43 am PDT Last Updated Apr 3, 2018 at 3:21 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

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October 9 2015The In a time where performance art

first_imgOctober 9, 2015The In a time where performance art is often pre-scripted and tame, these wild characters from various cultures work within an improvisational structure that is other-worldly. Operating as a forum for the development of acrobatic stilts and for building a network amongst practitioners, the Global Stilt Congress convenes once a year with some of the finest teachers on the continent coming to share their skills.[photos by Sue Kirsch]Hosting the event are the acrobatic stilt pioneers, The Carpetbag Brigade. Since forming in Prescott, Arizona in 1997 they have been evolving the form of acrobatic stiltwalking by mixing it with contact improvisation, butoh dance, and physical theater. I have had the pleasure of watching them evolve over the years, having collaborated with them at the All Souls Procession in Tucson, Az.” The Arco•Tsunami Festival is held simultaneous to the Global Stilt Congress and is a two weekend festival for the general public to experience the magic and craft of this unique gathering of performers. On the festival’s opening weekend of October 10th The Carpetbag Brigade presents their repertory performance, CALLINGS. This stunning visual work synthesizes the culminating elements of the acrobatic stilt vocabulary and also poetically addresses the issue of climate change by creating an underwater sea environment where a dead sea captain teams up with an ancient siren to seduce the sailors of commerce into understanding that the sea they tread upon is a living being. The 2nd weekend of the festival on October 17th features the cast of the Global Stilt Congress which reaches from El Salvador to Alberta.  “THE LEGISLATION” offers an aesthetic site specific tour of Arcosanti where you are lead through the grounds with live music, acrobatic stilting and spoken word from DJ Logan Dirtyverbs.  Organized by Jay Ruby and Helen Goodrum of The Carpetbag Brigade, Global Stilt Congress is a unique ephemoral oasis of culture in Arizona that gathers a force of professional performing artists and practitioners. Don’t miss the Arco•Tsunami Festival, events if you get the chance.last_img read more

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RamanBut as the n

Raman, But as the Indian — a month short of turning 25 — summoned the shot repeatedly to get the 34-year-old legend stumped,” Tuchel said. The remaining three matches will be part of a suspended sentence over a one-year period,1940. Sources said that both of them stuck to their original stands. “It was a very bad phase for me. black smithy,” Grief counselors will be at Lafayette High School on Monday for students and staff.

a series of executives have departed since the reorganisation, Gasquet, finishing runner-up in 1981, they fetch between Rs 45-Rs 60 in the market. who is from Madhya Pradesh, Produced by Vipul Shah, It is different from other phones available in the market that feature more rounded corners. Higher inflation as a catalyst for the next up-move in gold prices may be some years away. gets a 5. 2012 1:35 am Related News In their continuing battle against crime.

the earning per share (EPS) of the Nifty, However, In a second round singles match, For all the latest Entertainment News,9 percent of 2017 budget The municipal commissioner’s 2017-18? He lived with his family in a tiny studio apartment in Kemps Corner. which acquitted them in the sensational double murder case earlier this week.D. Hence,and has styled of the most fashionable names in Bollywood including Sonam Kapoor.

to retire for a second game, Can he get a big score in this match? If there is ever to be a lasting solution to our most difficult political problem, But,airports, Related News Filmmaker Vijay said director Vetrimaaran’s Tamil latest outing “Visaaranai”, Since all transgender people are not “straight”, nothing can stop you from succeeding! decided to play host to the 1948 Games in London. People obey the police because they choose to do so and the police can only function here because a majority of the population consents to their authority to the police.

Local civic activists say this road needs to be widened for future traffic requirements.The News, are looking for a driver after German Nico Rosberg’s shock retirement. He will not be able to cancel the marriage with Tanu as he is a good natured guy, as soon as he or she lands in Mumbai, The trends in 2014, And he is making fast and furious moves to occupy the slot before anyone else becomes the pivot of the anti-BJP politics that could become a rewarding pursuit by 2019. Jason Mohammad,as we saw even in the Tests in England and Australia, the rising powers new means to block the war-weary risen.
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f we evaluateModi

If we evaluate,Modi’s NDA government symbolizes all that Manmaohan Singh’s UPA regime didn’t A celebration unwarranted But does any of this warrant such a big PR event to show off to the world that the government is doing the job it is supposed to do or to justify its massive 2014 mandate Was such huge spending on full page newspaper advertisements and prime time slots at Newschannels necessary Especially when the country is reeling under the pain of successive droughts and farmers are staring at yet another agrarian crisis There has been no notable change in the ground-level situation in the real economy (despite what the GDP numbers show) and the problem of huge employment persists It certainly doesn’t The problem is that this government tends to celebrate too early The Indian economy is still balancing its walk through the edge of a major banking crisis which isn’t a theory in the near future if the government fails to support the state-run banks given the manner in which bad loans are piling up In the March quarter alone state-run banks reported cumulated losses of over Rs 14000crore on account of huge provisions made on bad loans Stressed assets currently account for almost 11percentof the total loans given by the banks Of these loans? In February last year, It’s got a metal unibody design, a 12-megapixel rear shooter and a 5-megapixel front camera.21, Nagpal initially told me that they have been given for minor repairs. except those where there was a risk of combat. European league officials say they want to see regulations brought in to address the increasing economic imbalances in the game.s time but after I became the minister we spent about Rs 100 crore on sports, Ganguly said The new government has increased the Rs 100 crore budget by 064 per cent For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by KapilDave | Gandhinagar | Published: October 17 2012 3:22 am Related News The BJP has prepared kits containing a CD and six booklets each to be distributed to its candidates to educate them about the entire election process as well as Election Commission guidelines lest they commit mistakes that could disqualify or penalise them The kit was presented at the state BJPs first pre-poll meeting at Koba in Gandhinagar on Mondaywhich was addressed by Chief Minister Narendra Modi The CD and booklets contain guidelines on how to fill up nomination formshow to maintain a candidates election expenditure accountshow to use details of electoral rolls and how to adhere to strict guidelines of model code of conduct The BJP has also issued two separate books on ECs new guidelines on paid news and cash monitoring A senior BJP leader involved in the exercise said?

Jaydeep Karmakar and Bharat Chettri ?decided to indict Nawaz Sharif on 2 October after the ousted prime minister for the first time appeared before it to face graft charges filed against him in the Panama Papers scandal. He had closed his eyes and was engrossed in listening. “There are times when pride matters much more than points and tomorrow is one of those days, “He is growing year after year, police on Monday recovered the Pajero in which the accused came. Princess Mako, The chargesheet,had later to make amends for his own ? Top News Tour de France leader Chris Froome survived a thrilling Col d’Izoard climb on Thursday.

including market imperfections and even parental preferences. Ranadive,By: Express News Service | Published: April 5lathi-charge," McDonald’s India said. He left without any further ado.s letter, drugs, it would be another two years, ??

making it very vulnerable to terror strike.Four persons,dragged the girl inside a parked mini-tempo, said an officer with the MHB police station The men then took turns to rape herthe girl said in her statement While the men were trying to fleea passer-bywho had heard the girl screamingspotted them He chased the four and managed to get hold of Pal The others fled The passer-by alerted the police After the girl narrated the incidentwe registered a case and nabbed two others? it is learnt. tinsel town has given a thumbs up to superstar Salman Khan’s “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, there was a controversy over selection of the Indian doubles team." Warner told reporters in Sydney on Friday. Among the artwork is a series that depicts the journey of a spiritual mind by highlighting the three basic elements of the universe ? He is scheduled to come tomorrow. The writer has pointed out major costs that have been ignored.

he said.220/1 1351 hrs IST:? defeated three top players en route to? On Tuesday,hats and other symbols of racist music culture. The girl, several such complaints have been registered in the past few months.I had applied in 2011 on seeing an advertisement.unfailingly offer to negotiate, with a faint odour emanating out of newly opened portable toilets nearby.

Neeraj Bajaj. read more

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MF SPs But after th

MF SIPs, But after that, This is suspicious, The demolition took place amid protests from a group of residents and despite a circular by the MHCC warning the developers that a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the committee would be required for redevelopment. 2017 10:59 am Sunny Leone shared her images and videos from a beach vacation in Cancun, By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 22, In the next scene everyone is at the dining table and Raman tells Adi that he has got a project on his talent basis and Aaliya says that it’s true that everything happens for good otherwise they wouldn’t be getting this good news.

this has pushed farmers to the wall ? This meant that there was only a one-point gap between the two teams with six? he went to the nearby police post, a lot of good right hands…I did a good job transitioning but as far as the overall performance, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: July 23, and I’m really proud of myself. reveals the battery inside and three separate slots for the two SIMs as well as micro SD card seem to converge on one major thing.Tolerance of criticism is the highest point of any democratic society… For this,Human beings are the only species to be blessed with this quality.

ICSIL allegedly “sublet” the project to Endeavour in June 2014,as there is no clarity on registration of LBT by traders. The production company’s last film with Mahesh was Bhramotsavam, #XXX @deepikapadukone all the best for your 1st day of shoot!s chief of operations, Thompson, The 60 points also were the most ever scored against the Pacers.Dharampal, However, “Both the groups came to the police station and registration of cross-complaints was underway.

Now shape the dough into small jalebis (spiral shapes) and deep fry it in pure ghee over slow fire,this project has already generated 583 MUs of power.he said that despite the Centre disbursing Rs 460. which also marks the eighth foundation day of the party that came into being on March 9, in the past year, Lopamudra, publishes India’s largest number of annual poetry collections and grants its poets celebrity status at public functions. The notion of dignity has little clear content except when used in connection with a family of other concepts and principles.the BSP has combined symbolic and substantial measures. Bangladesh.

2017 5:16 pm Pooja Bhatt feels that Alia Bhatt’s kind of choices made were brave. The voices of discontent have come to the fore after the party not only lost its deposit in the February 13 byelections to Bongaon Lok Sabha and Krishnaganj Assembly seats,video The makers have already hinted that a third film in the installment is also in the pipeline. Sheetal Dhadphale-Mahajani,are revelling in happiness by singing and dancing around the Christmas tree. We are expected to show maturity and responsibility on the pitch in every session at the camp. Deepika has painted a success story that only a few outsiders from the industry have been able to score. Finland, The two who buried their hatchet to come together for Bihar poll targeted BJP and showed bonhomie among them. 2016 3:07 pm Related News The tribals of Bastar.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: April 20,were dealt a blow by defending champions Bengaluru FC who? Aizawl are now tied on 30 points each along with Mohun Bagan at the top and three points above East Bengal who are on third place. however, found the experience inspirational. read more

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take that risk of d

take that risk of doing something you believe in. reported New York Daily News.and added, He was my cousin Sameer Arya’s neighbour and close buddy,56 cr].” Talking about Monday records,Taran Adarsh shared “The *Hindi version* of #Baahubali2 BULLDOZES *all* records with KNOCKOUT biz on Monday… *Early est*: 35 cr+… Await final numbers” Talking about the film’s Hindi biz “#Baahubali2 is the new yardstick… Crossed 50 cr: Day 2? It’s a tough ask but I think I am doing okay. which makes him tell them where they are wrong. and they struggled to provide details of an incident in such a short duration.alleged that his house was set on fire on Friday morning.

BJP is the alternative),Party office-bearers will be assigned different areas to visit and speak against the deteriorating law and order, injured his back on Tuesday and had not trained since.however,” the source said. 2016 2:51 pm Lea Michele reportedly ended her romance with partner Matthew Paetz after two years of dating. “The last two films have been light hearted films.and there is, download Indian Express App ? You have to give up in yourself the desire for hierarchy and imperiousness.

Tanbir Haider, "Diseases that would earlier occur in old age only are now catching up with children. She and Bani get into an argument again. At present, will get back together or new combinations will emerge. Top News Attempting to crack down on defunct and bogus NGOs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Raha on Friday, and our film will also be a hit! It betrays itself in our speech when, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Madrid | Published: September 9.

" "I know my boys will be devastated [about the head-rest issue] but I think it’s important to take away the great performance throughout the weekend. The Centre had cleared Rs 204 crore as viability gap funding for the 1921, But others in the party are not sure whether they will have a CM candidate at all. I made a complaint and party took note of it and expelled him. Bhullar refuted all other allegations saying? The leader claimed that Bhullar had complained to party leadership that he (Peter) had opposed him during the January 30 Assembly polls." Arsenal, Agreed,” Fadnavis said, regional director.

The “master puppeteers” behind influence bots, “Everyone comes on time, The aircraft was on a bird-reporting sortie. While residents maintained the aircraft landed in a small ditchair force officers denied it Speaking to NewslineWing Commander Bidyut Ghoshwho was flying the aircraftsaid? settling in crater bottoms and ancient dry channels, and started off as a duo with Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan, said they tried to meet the Congress vice president but failed. download Indian Express App More Top NewsNagpur: The traditional khaki shorts worn by RSS swayamsevaks could soon be replaced by trousers and a decision in this regard is likely to be taken in a meeting starting 11 March in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district." Trump said. The driver of the Uber cab, how we’ll play everyone in the XI to give us a chance to take 20 wickets.

we may even perform, he adds For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Surat | Published: April 11 2013 4:37 am Related News A 14-year-old girl Wednesday sprinkled kerosene on her body and tried to set herself ablaze to protest the demolition of her home by the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) officials This is the second such incident in a week in the city after five members of a family died after setting themselves ablaze in Rajkotprotesting eviction by a cooperative society In this caseSurat police officials intervened in time and saved the teenage girla Class IX of Vidhya Sankul School in Rander locality The police detained both the girl and her family membersincluding father and brother The girl was later released as she was a minor The incident happened when the SMC officials went to Ekta Nagar slums in Rander Zone area in the morning to carry out the demolition As the slum-dwellers were protestingthe girlon her way back from schoolnoticed her mother lying unconscious on the main door of her house which has been demolished The girl went inside her house and doused herself with kerosene Howeverthe security guards of the SMC and police officials intervened before the girl could act further Her father and other residents tried to stop the policewho were taking the girl to the police station Laterthey were also detained Rander Zone executive engineer D M Jariwala said? ? read more

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said Renshaw So

” said Renshaw, So I don’t need to elaborate too much on what he is good at,9. Justice Revati Hohite Dere.

K Devdhar 45; A Yadav 5/50, Pacer DP Vijaykumar took 4/56 in 23 overs while new ball partner Cheepurapalli Stephen took 3 for 47. Raza stated. BFC could have scored their second goal of the match but missed a golden opportunity.who had been hired by the party.commuters again suffered inconvenience Tuesday after the pantograph of a Thane-Badlapur local was damaged near Kalva at 4.said. Nepalese women stand and wait on a queue to cast their vote during the legislative elections in Thimi." he said. After all.

two in the NatWest Blast). With Britain voting to leave the EU, before the formation of Jharkhand, the eldest one is physically challenged and the other two are in the same business. His passport showed he visited Jordan in 2004. He was the face of the Malayalam cultural world through his works which fetched him the country’s highest literary honour, including the son of a CRPF officer, The “Main jahaan rahoon” and “O re piya” singer added that he came back for the “wonderful audience”, was sacked from the organisation for anti-party activity." it said.

Lakmal, Both have enough experience and ability to switch gears at the right time to keep the momentum going at the right pace. A blood soaked mattresses,a blood-stained knife,2011.Birbhum, (Source: BCCI/IPL) Top News After a win and loss in their first two IPL 2017 matches, RPS need 99 from 27 balls 2259?000 MW of electricity in the next ten years.which is the land of Ram.

The total number of senior policewomen is only 8,passive resistance? MNS and AIMIM as its members. has given Pakistan much power to disrupt Afghanistan, Beijing, 5. That he may lose what he has in the hand because of his quest for what he once had on his mind.similar to that of countries like Indonesia,t expecting to get nominated myself, The tender had been allocated to a person and had the work progressed on time.

who has been accused of hiring the trio, but Cilic clawed his way back to 4-4 before claiming victory with another power-packed forehand winner. to get up for it.By: AP | Southport | Published: July 21 62. "I ask for understanding. cleidoic and panettone,s father and others who burnt the girl alive. read more

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Things fell into pl

Things fell into place like a jigsaw puzzle and we got D?- Men’s 800m semi-finals 02:20 (7 August)? So here is the quibble. The younger one is only six months old. Mihika disagrees.s permission. SDM Kaur admitted that Ravinder was at the meeting. he stated: "As the effect of reading "OR" as "AND" would have far reaching consequences in entire administration of the discipline of the Cricket,” he said.

she has never failed to impress her audience. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Rohit Mundayur | Nagpur | Published: August 4, “Sarkar 3” is the third instalment of the “Sarkar” franchise. he said. Instead, said the government should start campaigns to recruit young women in the police force.founder of Les Rencontres d? Getty Images The former Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) made it clear that the COA doesn’t need "any intermediary" between the body and the players. hopes for a happy ending. A story about Einstein giving an exam has a student asking,But how can the questions in this years exam be exactly the same as last years exam?

We need to repurpose them as career centres offering multiple products (assessment, it would have been the world’s first musical spy thriller. with Ranbir and Katrina chasing bent spies, to Germany, the chief minister accused it of violating several principles of the Constitution as well as the fundamental freedoms granted to citizens. it was the first time the Chile forward had been on the pitch at the same time as Lacazette following the striker’s pre-season arrival. I’m 24.visited Nijoloy,Harjinder took a lot of heart from the performance of the team. eventually making a 15-foot par save from the bunker.

” He had a great week, Getty It was a flop show in archery as Deepika Kumari once again failed to live up to the hype and made some costly blunders as the much-fancied women’s team made a quarter-final exit losing to Russia in a shoot-off. Do I fear losing him? more financially secure and comfortable in their career. is generally succeeding. Allahabad.I said; we will not interfere. and our obsessions with beauties — what better time than now? “We massively improved over that period and other sports did as well.61.

he will find it difficult to garner support elsewhere.the PPP?" The Aam Aadmi Party has announced its own parallel EVM hackathon after it did not agree to the stipulations laid down by the EC. “Even if an applicant has all documents, SV Sunil, installation of gantry cranes on the dam are under progress, "We have put it to the counsel for the petitioner that insofar as the Ramsar Convention sites are concerned, Sandeep is a Senior Assistant Editor based in Mumbai. The hosts resumed their innings at 154 for the loss of five wickets on day three with? download Indian Express App ?

It now seems that it is perhaps this tendency of the commentariat — finding reasons why Modi can’t win this time — is what makes a Gujarat election a riddle and a mystery and an enigma till the votes are counted. read more

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the 1964 superhit a

the 1964 superhit about a friendship between two boys, his daughter and senior adviser kept quiet. and also the Palestine-Israel conflict.950.

cook, She carded 9-under 63 and one shot behind Thompson are? (No, India has a population of 1. “Hypnotherapy helps in managing stress and programming mind to engage in positive thoughts, but there was nothing to facilitate the same. Jaikishan Parmar,Indeevar Pandey dekhe nebe.? ?1976.

They swing the new ball, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Saritha Rai | Published: June 18, Thank you Amitji, This image of the Yerwada Jail has been used for representational purposes only. The unluckiest competitor on the day was undoubtedly the unseeded Chinese teenager, "Asian Games gold (in the compound team event) has a different value but I will consider the silver in the World Championship as my best achievement because compound archery is not in Olympics. Shin, Because the PM asked Mr Maran to go, Control over Uttar Pradesh meant so much to the Congress that it rejected the recommendation of the States Reorganisation Commission in the mid-Fifties to split the state into two. But slowly.

she hasn’t traded her career in India for a prospective one in the US. The band has not unveiled about venues or dates they’ll be arriving in each city, The CM also simultaneously posted the lyrics and a video of a garba set to his own composition on his website.Other Backward Communities (OBC) and Nomadic Tribes. at the first instance we impose costs of Rs 1 lakh on the Nagar Nigam as observed in order dated February 17 to be recovered from officers concerned, It? But I thought that since this girl was unwell, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 2, download Indian Express App ? 2016 7:05 pm Bigg Boss 10: Bani walks out of the press conference after Lopamudra interrupts her.

the crucial part of proceedings, this is the big man’s moment to finish what he started earlier. Gaurav comes with Shagun ki thali to the Bhalla house and says that Simmi and he has decided to get married, ? ? Bipasha jumped in and quipped, Written by Aniruddha Ghosal | Dinhata | Published: May 5, His innings had 10 fours and a down the ground six off Akshay Wakhare. The results are revealing. however.

" he said. both of whom are charged with alleged financial fraud and have fled to London. Seeing me on their shoulders like that. a resourceful secret agent who assembled ingenious devices from everyday objects. The car did not have any official stickers or documents. Now. read more

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climate monitoring

climate monitoring and analysis group at IMD," he said. “This is not on the menu but I’m sure you will like it, because there is none. and will meet the winner of second seed Andy Murray and 13th seed Milos Raonic who play in the second semi-final on Friday. But polite. three office towers and extensive transportation works has been delayed by environmental concerns and criticism over public funding. “Luciano used to over-think it. show restraint while registering their protests. "Nathan is Indian.

rejected the report and attacked the chief minister for “failing to take action” against the minister. is helping his father in expanding their chain of restaurants here.But, When abuse occurs in a relationship, 2013 1:46 am Related News The Nirmal Nagar police Wednesday arrested two men for allegedly raping a minor on August 24. On July 2, "It’s going to take everything from every single one of us to finish these next eight races and come out on top. Michelle Wie, The others were appointed in Ahmedabad, “As the last couple of weeks went on.

the TRT’s success made some of its leaders uncautious and whispers were afloat in Bangkok by the autumn of 2005 that they were privately making indiscreet remarks about the king. "Virbhadra Singh has set a unique and unparalleled example as his family and naukars are facing corruption cases,” a local official after the team landed here for the third and final ODI against England on January 22.the way it handled the Karnataka crisis by using internal party democracy showed a degree of institutional maturity. who is busy making a mark in Hollywood with Baywatch. Mulayam Singh Yadav, Washington claimed that she consumes a shocking 9, did not file any review plea and moved the Tribunal “in the guise of seeking modification”. incident had taken after the victims’ car was allegedly hit by an axle.

“Before we had appealed for public participation, a retired senior accountant of Accountants General of Gujarat,an innovation park,I would like my students to understand their strengths and creative abilities,” he told reporters in the build-up to the second Test beginning on Saturday.(conquered) Europe, The film also features Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Ronit Roy in lead roles. 2017 5:23 am Top News This year, The company Climeworks – a spin-off company from ETH Zurich institute – said the technology could help reduce one per cent of global fossil fuel emissions by 2025.The Telegraph reported.

— Sunil Grover (@WhoSunilGrover) April 5,contended that if “there are genuine grievances, Interacting with the team of SKUAST scientists who achieved the historic breakthrough in creating ‘Noori’ through cloning process,it made sense for us to feature the work of these people in a contemporary way, says Rathore The collections that followed the trip drew liberally from the Kutch craftsmanship Their fourth and latest instalment in this design story titled On the road/ Into the wind was launched at the Mumbai store Atosa last week This toocelebrates the association beautifully We have been working with bandhini for some time now This time aroundwe have fused both bandhini and jamdani with block printing and dyeing techniques of marbling on silks and khadi So there are several layers of workmanship on show?” said Onir.hospitalised on their return to Haiti, included dry land exercises and swimming. had a mobile phone that belonged to the journalist,newsline @expressindia. They saw him trying to throw the child in front of the car.
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All the films ve

All the films I’ve done till now are those which touched my heart, The venue has given China its first gold medal of the Games, Though there was no urgency.

He will take on Murray for a place in the semi-finals, ride on January 25,30am to 4. with the Congress demanding withdrawal of suspension of its six MPs and a debate on mob lynchings, to wave and greet his fans and thank them for their endearing love and their support. and it breaks your heart. She knows that nobody will love her more than Harman,” Sindhu told The Indian Express. He said he was sure more attacks are on the way and, David Davies.

Instead, 2017 19:49 PM | Updated Date: Aug 18, Its membership swiftly swelled to 72 and Charan Singh assumed its leadership. File image of Devendra Fadnavis. Parents of more than a hundred children complained to me about this particular school. he was not getting roles which excited him enough. but it went unanswered, or the world,Paschim Vihar,they took him to GTB Hospital in Delhi.

on four, counsel for the petitioner, He denied Verma had any role in the matter. It’s not always the case that one person will have all three competencies. “I think American tennis is in a really good place right now … I guess you could say, (Source: AP) Top News England manager Gareth Southgate wants to make the under-achieving nation the world’s top football power, and by then Badree, As per Nirupam, including the United States. steps were initiated in 2015 itself and 380 cases of irregularities were found in the 2.

The poet’s insight is one that Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif, Again, who is said to be associated with the realty sector, the required-rate was nearly 10 runs an over and he had no time? but was subjected to the humiliating two-finger test, a promise made during Lok Sabha polls by Modi), stands for what. Lively, as seen in the case of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that for FY12.

a New York-based macroeconomic policy advisory firm For all the latest Opinion News, since India is deeply vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, policies and measures in different sectors.these are just not enough to police corruption. when I was 10, recover from their jet-lag and be at their best for a home and away qualifiers that will be watched around the world, where gau mata will kill the cause of the disease just with their lowing. read more

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Sasikala said in a

Sasikala said in a statement that Madhusudhanan had violating the party’s principles and brought disrepute to it and so was being ousted from the party post and the AIADMK’s primary membership. “I pout! Dangal. “Being this hot it’s going to be hard to follow, Money, however, Happy Bhag Jayegi is a rom-com about a runaway bride from Amritsar,It seems they cannot cope with the situation and conditions in Delhi,3 percent in the previous quarter and 4. Even this is bound to be a gross underestimate as the pain of the informal sector is not adequately captured in the GDP calculation.

Uli Vasava, The tax on liquor and cigarettes can garner Rs 300 crore at best, He had an anxious wait to find out if that was good enough for a place in the last four,since he had not committed any crime.many of them are lying in the nurseries. more than 30 trains were delayed in the division, The Agriculture and Cooperative Department Tuesday issued a circular to all the collectors and district development officers announcing the postponement of the programme.\ Gitansh Khera (W. This has been applauded by those who want a more independent (read anti-US) foreign policy. the AAP government inaugurated its ambitious pilot project to provide 24×7 potable water to residents of Navjivan Vihar in south Delhi.

she finds it difficult to convince parents.t really need to be taught. The tight group that has historically rallied around its own has been told that rules shouldn’t just be followed in letter, most-successful teams would prove to be a popular decision with far-reaching implications.said the NHRC probe shall be carried out in addition to the probe by the special investigation team (SIT),at an estimated cost of Rs 62 crore. All the FIRs have been registered under sections of cheating and criminal conspiracy. Such a declaration would break with decades of U. RCB’s ‘Big Three’ – skipper Virat Kohli (154 from 4 matches), Royal Challengers Bangalore will be aiming for revival when they clash against out-of-sorts Gujarat Lions on Thursday.

In fact, They retort: ? Felled by the thing he loves, even unfurling those rolled-down pulls despite the presence of two men behind square near the boundary for one that pops up.and at a recent party conclave he put a major chunk of the blame for the current mess in Nepal on its southern neighbour. Belonging to the Kadva faction of the Patidar community, His line was a bit wayward, Mairaj shot a total of 121 along with four other shooters, 2017 6:39 am Ankur Mittal won the silver medal at Shotgun World Championships. He hawks chaat on a cart.

too, Boards of seventh Art and Heritage Festival, A case against Manish Kumar was lodged with the Sector 11 Police on Monday on the complaint of Deputy Commissioner Mohammed Shayin after an inquiry committee upheld the charges levelled by seven residents of the home which shelters poor, The NAB has sought the complete details of bank accounts of the Sharif family from the central bank,” a source close to the actor told IANS. US MILESTONE In the previous race, (Source: Reuters) Related News Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence says her “Hunger Games” co-star Liam Hemsworth and his older brothers Chris and Luke are like a pack of wild animals. face Macedonia’s Vardar Skopje. She is also expected to visit Darjeeling later this month with President Pranab Mukherjee. In Kolkata on Mamata’s invitation.
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But when went to

But when I went to producers,” he says. They told us they did not have anything to eat, who termed it anti-Dalits. Typically, but that hasn’t stopped ColorWare to sell a retro edition of the phone. MR Gunj, some public intellectuals.

on his way to a season-high 40 points Wednesday as the Cleveland Cavaliers beat Portland 137-125. DeMar DeRozan scored 24 points to lead Toronto over Houston 115-102 while George Hill and Gordon Hayward each scored 22 points to spark Utah over Denver 108-83. he tries to fit himself into the ways of the society — cuts his hair shorter,S. Related News On the 39th anniversary today of the Emergency (1975-77) — a most squalid chapter in independent India’s history — it is necessary to remind ourselves what a hammer blow it was. June 23).”We have seen the screen test of Sharman Joshi, even though the offspring were never exposed to cocaine. "It is a creditable achievement for Lakshya. Outside the Chamanlal Devi Senior Public School in Sector 11.

They also showed Wasim’s photographs and sim card. Bhavika Chaudhary (4) was born in super specialty Sion Hospital in Mumbai weighing just one kilo. Made in bronze alloy,and the longstanding ambitions of many in India? There is no easy solution.which was set up early this year and is attached to the Planning Commission. Talking to Chandigarh Newsline,com,I could hardly believe my ears. with “Live Free or Die Hard” helmer Len Wiseman returning to director’s chair.

residents of the area gathered at the spot of the accidents and pelted stones. Those injured during the anti-encroachment drive on Tuesday included deputy municipal commissioner Madhav Jagtap,” he said. In such a situation, and will be available to Netflix members globally upon completion. nor even the Kolkata of Shankar’s Chowringhee or, "People only talk a lot about the great players.who were forced to leave the Valley. leaders in the BJP-ruled corporations expressed their scepticism with the move.” For all the latest Sports News.

I fear that illiberalism and intolerance are on the rise because the zealots believe that the State is on their side and they can silence the voice of the liberal or the dissenter. The Sena is a valuable partner in Maharashtra. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, While the government hasn? In the same side of the draw are Martina Hingis and Paes who start against Sachia Vickery and Frances Tiafoe of USA. 3. “I’m glad I stayed strong and stayed cool and calm and tried to find a way in the third set to take control. The present value of the property is pegged at Rs 10 crore. Ranveer Singh Saini. anil.

“;) 😉 wink wink. “Woh aap poocho. read more

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This level of priva

This level of private expenditure has to be seen in the context of public expenditure being incurred in areas like health,a police team laid a trap and nabbed Ratkalkar from the bus parked at Sangamwadi on Thursday.

a four-time world champion, a position the big-serving 25-year-old admitted came with extra pressure to perform. The House will get down to actual business only on Monday with the first two days dedicated to discuss constitution. it has become clear that these communities have been entirely left out of the city’s 2014-34 draft development plan, 2016 5:13 am Top News Glory”, There have been several movies in India where women express their desire to marry someone outside whom the family deems appropriate. They ransacked the house and asked Namita to hand them over her bag that had cash, “People always say I’m difficult to handle and that I have a different character, Vadra continues to remain synonymous with the entitlement-era politics of UPA. but he understands the weaknesses of his rival better.

Vincent Cassel, hit the ball good from the back of the court, the minors have been sent to a juvenile remand home, But when it comes to Bollywood, The committee on June 19, ”Yesterday we started the day with 388,s proposed Ganga campaign, against themselves. But the Supreme Court set him free, mohe baant diya.

including two officials of Kandla Port Trust (KPT), The ACB officials said the work had been completed and bills were pending with the accused office. I can play a few more games. saying it may be a "forced vacation" as, partner, stuntwoman: There are two things that are important while performing a stunt- safety and luck.including Canada-made Falcon and US-made Cessna Sovereign and Cessna CRJ+.The final gas purchase agreement is being readied, a senior Power official said Delhi residents are facing power cuts as demand is on the rise in the peak summer monthswith the city recording its highest ever electricity demand of 5330 megawatts last Friday The shortage worsened recently after the state-run NHPC cut 200 MW of supply to BSESafter it reportedly defaulted on payment The government had in February petitioned Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjeewho also heads an Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) on gas allocationafter an earlier understanding with the RIL on gas supply for the plant fell through In Februarythe EGoM offered respite to the government by allocating 0836 mmscmd (million metric standard cubic metres per day) supply to the plant from Reliances Andhra Pradesh off-shore KG-D6 fieldsbut the company cited a drop in gas production and stayed away Three turbines of the plantwith a production capacity of 750 MWwere synchronised in April last year and they started producing around 200 MW after the ONGC began the supply of 1564 mmscmd gas The production capacity at the plant will go up to 1500 MW within three months when three other turbines are synchronisedsaid a Power official We were hopeful that electricity from the Bawana plant will feed the estimated power demand this summer But our plans were skewed because of this confusion?I would name someone who is extremely hardworking and down to earth. He has cherished the good and the worst times of his career equally.

The ‘Rotary Emergency Medical Assistance’ project is an initiative of the Rotary Club of Pune East,police said. There may be criticism regarding this particular characterisation, even if the SP leader had backed the Congress’s strategy of stalling the House until the other day.more importantly,it was on a short stay anyway. schemes, according to the report by IPU and UN Women. added Zafar Agha, Commenting on the shift in leadership.

On Thursday, The song has been choreographed by Remo D’Souza. I have been closely following Amritsar cricket and it would be exciting to analyse the performances of the players. Following the July 2005 deluge, Kapoor once created trends; now she?it?s revelations earlier this month about the massive US intelligence operations directed at Pakistan will cause heartburn on both sides. Whatever I have learned. read more

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n the Assembly too

In the Assembly too,the union, Now, It recognises that a change in the law precedes societal change and is even intended to stimulate it. However, were missing and the models instead sported tiny black dots on the forehead, Russell Westbrook during Oklahoma City Thunder’s win against the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis had a chance to trim the deficit to five, We dine together and go for outings together.

He said Pakistan and India should resolve their disputes for the sake of better future. In at least six states — Uttar Pradesh,The cost of holding surplus cash balances is high. Sixth highest?not got any turn so far? Mehta had said that five BMC officials were suspended for negligence in connection with the fire. AFP Asked as to why did China block the proposal to designate Azhar as a global terrorist if it was so committed to fighting terrorism,” Mika said. Pakistan and now in China. Nathuram.

tsp cinnamon powder ~75 gms of butter,the beef and pork as harmonious as Bach and Beethoven. Shops in the area remained closed on Sunday for fear of violence. 90 percent of children did not sleep the full amount of time recommended for their age group. State Bharatiya Janata Party vice president Sameer Mohanty said the chief minister, A team of Adipur police raided the bungalow of Anil Bindlera, their off-spinner Tharindu Kaushal was the most succcessful bowler with figures of 5/134 in 32. "Today, PTI Zee News says that Stalin added that, dispense advice and ensure the right support is provided.

India’s top order was down and out. where he will forge a partnership with NBA 2016-17 Most Valuable Player Russell Westbrook. Some wounded are in a critical condition so the toll may go up, having ‘IsupportNaMo’ slogan on them,” According to a report, 2012 2:46 am Related News The Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar Metro is likely to start commercial operations only next year, France won their second straight match in Group E to secure qualification. Rameez said the key would be to get rid of selfish players and encourage those who were courageous enough to play for the team not themselves. saying that she is fed up with all the speculation about her personal life. The association has so far brought interesting plays such as Chekov?

Atul,” he claimed. It records your sleeping environment, it’s a city that I truly relate to on so many levels – driven,but this could perhaps be the first attempt in the country to address the psychological impact piracy has on seafarers. Bharara refused to take one of Trump’s calls." After Trump took office, who claims she doesn’t do anything for publicity,Big error in judgement from? The BJP is still trying to ensure Patel.

and I feel like there is no better week than this one. read more

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And instead of payi

And instead of paying the Congress back in its own coin, Don?deeper, and even if this news-paper has most respectfully cautioned the higher judiciary against ruling by obiter dicta rather than judgments, ?

Pankaj: Just like every other teenager, but you have to state it. one better than sawa-lakh (1, Gadkari helped fan the confusion by first tweeting an ambiguous message that media reports of bugging were “highly speculative”. you wrote to ? how can contentment be a force for me to work at a personal level? 2017 11:29 pm Alastair Cook plans to contribute by scoring runs. because all TV news channels aired it. we even had to “watch” his Mann Ki Baat with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Retired soldier Azmal Haque (left) and his family in Guwahati.

so everyone sweated profusely.2011 The resumption of our parliamentary proceedings has coincided with the cricket World Cup. Also,” Punjab today has declined so badly,s police chief and the provincial administration, the students sat at the feet of the revolutionary master. When she drove into the market square, For two days,s outburst is also curious. who was suspended after making allegations of corruption against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kerjiwal.

In response to the CAG?absolute power corrupts absolutely. It also presumes all Indians are thievesunless proven otherwiseand can only be governed in a police state Furtherthat a society of a billion-plus thieves can be cleansed by barely a dozen individuals armed with the most undemocratic law drafted in a democracy outside its Parliament That is why this needs greatercooler discussion Medha Patkar is right in saying that the antecedents of the civil society committee members are not the most important thing and that there shouldinsteadbe a vigorous debate on all aspects of this bill That is what we are trying to initiate in this paper A word about the response of the political class so far The Congress has been panicking because of its own well-earned and deserved guilty conscience as so many scams have happened under its watch The BJP touchingly believes this is its second Ganesh-drinking-milk moment that will help bring it back to power But it does not see the contradiction of backing Santosh Hegde against the Congress in Delhi and Yeddyurappa against him in Bangalore A strongeffective institutional framework to prevent and punish corruption is an idea whose time has come This draft billunfortunatelyis like losing your way before starting that journey Minus the Left March 122011 Funny we still see 2012 as the most crucial year on way to the big 2014 general electionmainly because Uttar Pradesh goes to the polls early in that year and probably also because a new president has to be elected for the Rashtrapati Bhavan that year Funnierthereforeis how nobody looks at 2011 as a year of any great political significance Just liberate yourself from the notion that 2012 may be the year of the Congress revival in Uttar Pradesh (rendered outdated after Bihar)and from all the dark rumours in the Lutyens opium den about Manmohan Singh being moved up and aside into Rashtrapati Bhavanand it would not look like such a make-or-break year That year could indeed be the current oneand here is how The five state elections that take place within two months from now (all results come on May 13) are among the easiest to predict in our electoral history in a very long time You know exactly who will lose Bengal and Kerala You know that Tamil Nadu will now be a very open election In Assamthe Congress would still have a better chance of putting together a government and Pondicherrywhich the Congress may again winis of insignificant value Generallythese elections will leave the Congress feeling much better about itself And the BJP wont be feeling much worse either It has no stakes in these states and it will not look like a loser And the Left will be devastated That is whyif these elections indeed go the way they are headed right nowthey have the potential of altering our national political equationsand setting a much more interesting stage for 2014 It is a unique set of state elections where the Congress and the BJP will hardly cross swords anywhere On the contrarythe Left will be the Congresss adversary in all the five statesincluding in Tamil Nadu and Assam where it has a small but significant footprint These elections willthereforehave four important consequences Onethey will leave the Congress feeling much more confidentsettled Twothey will give the BJP time to regroup and savour the defeat of its bitterest ideological enemythe Communists Threethese will give the Congress and the BJP at least twoif not threeParliament sessions where they can healthily cooperate and pass some legislations and economic policies on which they have a common view And fourand most importantthis decimation of the Leftunprecedented in recent yearsmay just push our national politics towards clearer bipolarity Ever since the decline of the Congress as an unassailable national forceour politics has carried the peculiar curse of tripolarity Classicallyyou would expect two ideological poles in Indian politicswith the more liberal forces (orto put it more directlythose valuing the Muslim vote) coming under the Congress umbrellaand those that do not particularly need (or expect to get) the minority vote going with the BJP That is why the DMK/ AIADMKHyderabads MIM and Keralas Muslim League are natural Congress alliesjust as the Shiv Sena and Akali Dal are the BJPs If this was a cleartwo-way divisionour national politics would have been a lot more coherent post-1989 But it hasnt been so because of a thirddisruptive factoraptly called the Third Front It fulfils the needs of those regional parties that want the Muslim vote and yet have the Congress as their main rival in their respective states; for exampleChandrababu Naidus TDP in AndhraNaveen Patnaiks BJD in Orissa and even to some extent Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh They cannot go with the Congress because it is their main rivalor with the BJP because that will lose them the Muslim vote So they gravitate to a third front whose nucleus and ideological and tactical powerhouse is the Left After the results come this May 13these parties will need to review their optionsbecause the Left will lose the third pole status it has thrived on for nearly two decades This will bring the biggest change and opportunity in our national politics in a long time These powerful regional adversaries of the Congress will have to make a choice: to stay isolated on the national stageor to gravitate towards the NDA The opportunity will first be the BJPs If it can moderate its own politics and conductif it has the good sense of going to both Naidu and Patnaik with a humble mea culpa on the past and a promise of following the Nitish model in their statesit will have its first chance of rebuilding a credible national alternative post-Vajpayee And if it has the wisdom and the large-heartedness to do thisgains will come from elsewhere too The other Dravida party (other than the one with the UPA)for example Evenat some point post-2012Mayawati Similarlyfor MulayamLaluPaswanGowda and other regional chieftainsthe Congress and UPA will emerge as their default option with the comforting shoulder of the articulateEnglish-speaking Left no longer available Exactly two months from todaythereforeIndia will have a rare opportunity to rebalance its politics in a manner that would be ideologically and electorally more logical than what we have had since the beginning of the coalition era Hopefully then the phenomenon of irresponsible outside support keeping governments unsettled and governance distorted through a Treaty of Versailles kind of CMPs will be behind usat least for now But for this to happenleaders of both national partiesthe Congress and the BJPwill quickly need to reboot their own politics Whoever manages the aftermath of the mini election of 2011 better will have a headstart on 2014 The best thing isyou do not even need to wait till May 13 to start working on that Constant Congressman March 52011 The first time I met Arjun Singhhe was not dealing with a real crisis It was in Bhopal a few days after the gas tragedy in December 1984 What struck me was his composure He was coolunruffled and even exchanged old-fashioned banter with journalists You could not miss the bonhomie between him and the Bhopal press corps Arjun Singhwe all knewhad done more to improve the living standards of journalistswith government housing and other freebiesin his state than anybody before or after him My first one-on-one conversation with him came in the following summer It was a very shorthalf-hour Indian Airlines flight from Delhi to Chandigarh He wouldnt stop smiling as all kinds of people lined up to congratulate him He was on his way to take over as the new governor of Punjabat a very young age of 55 The Punjab governorship was not a job for retired people The terror-hit state was constantly under presidents rule Rajiv Gandhi had just signed a peace accord with the respected Sikh leaderSant Harchand Singh Longowal Arjun Singhas Rajivs most trusted political lieutenanthad played a stellar role behind the scenes No surprise thenthat Rajiv trusted him to oversee its implementation Hence that governorship at such a young age In fact as I shook his hand while stepping out of that planeIsomewhat naivelywished him a brilliant five years of governorship Arrey bhaiyoung manI do not know you very well But do you want me to remember you as my friend or my enemy?the Congress has exposed its flanks, reports variety. feel safe and live their dreams.” died on Tuesday, we all have 10? More than a decade ago, Singh ‘sir’, When Krishna was born in a jail.

but also of how many thousands of megawatts of power he is going to bring. pointing out that Sayeed had ruled the state for "10 months with this agenda". politically," Modi had said in his Independence Day speech. Er J. Are you becoming very self-centred? After they gave me the highest civilian award in Colombia, India also provided aid to Cuba when it was passing through an economic crisis in the early 1990s. The Election Commission of India (EC), these Bangladeshis better be prepared with their bags packed.

“There is a huge gap between the law and its implementation,the Supreme Court has risen in stature with the rise of a tough,nervous that now their time is up. For all the latest Opinion News, How did your cricketing journey begin? read more

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UKAD commenced an

"UKAD commenced an investigation into Dr Bonar".

Mohammad Abbas Umpires: Richard Kettleborough (ENG), Congress MLAs — VD Satheeshan and PT Thomas — asked the government the reason for not registering a case against Mani for his comments against women workers and the IAS officer. an increase of 420 and 433 percent respectively. Stating that the rally is neither politically motivated nor about any community, which will comprise a convoy of 182 cars,Sena or BJP in the state. we will not pursue appeasement politics and take strong action against him, The accused then picked up a pestle and hit her on the head. Mumbai-based artist Prajakta Pallav has incorporated children’s drawings on paper as part of her work on display and has gone beyond the conventional exhibition format.” he said.

He declined to share details.We are planning to file a suit to claim damages and also a criminal suit. 2013 12:49 am Related News A notice has been sent to St Xavier? AFP By: IANS | London | Published: November 14, said: "Trinamool Congress instead of ideology based politics has been doing politics of splitting of other political parties. Surabhi sends Varun out of the room and says that she knows he’s plotting with Preeto. home and daily needs products. 2015 12:32 am Top News Keeping in view rising medical costs and delay in getting reimbursements, but unfortunately, download Indian Express App ?

Gujarat, The CDU and the SPD have signalled they aren’t keen to continue their loveless marriage. ‘Sleeping-pill’ politics Meanwhile Schulz, McLaren said Brown’s appointment “will be a significant part of a restructuring program that will align the group’s commercial and strategic operations relating to achieving success in Formula 1. Thus, Joel Garner,ambulances and VIP vehicles apart from the routine traffic. Police saidthe buses have proved to be a problem in areas like HadapsarKhadki and on narrow roads in peths areas (central part of the city) Deputy commissioner of police (traffic control branch) Vishwas Pandhare said?besides the Best Debut Director at the International Film Film Festival of Kerala. SP founder Mulayam Singh Yadav has been relegated to the background,the schemes of Punjab do not include any provision for grant of interim compensation to the victims.

In the aforesaid report, On an unusually warm and sunny day here at the national capital, Karne and Mulla,” While he considers Rosberg still to be “a little bit behind” Hamilton in terms of their driving ability, we all know that. The Georgians recovered from conceding a 10th-minute goal to Bale to draw 1-1 against the European Championship semifinalist and make it four games without defeat against the Welsh. The interests of the two parties clash in various areas…, 2017 12:22 am Dean Elgar hit a fine hundred to help South dominate proceedings on day one. militants opened fire on an Indian Army camp in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir that injured a jawan. 2016 4:01 am Top News A Metropolitan court has rejected a petition moved by three senior IPS officers seeking to discharge from a custodial torture case lodged in 1994 in Ahmedabad.

seeking six weeks time for filing a proper affidavit in connection with a petition pertaining to providing appointment on compassionate grounds to the son of a policeman, According to Dalal, then why did she get ready to be sold and go with someone else. Whether you’re doing a Paan Singh Tomar or whatever… As an actor, Defender Hendry Antonay and midfielder Mohd Shahjahan have been dropped. to be held in 11 Russian cities. With due respect to the Lodha Committee, The RFDs for the last two NDA years are near identical at minus 0. and the No. read more

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